About Affies4Kids

Dear Parents,

We are embarking on a wonderful journey with Affies4Kids®, a company dedicated to affirming strong character traits by teaching children the language of positive self-talk.

What is Self-Talk?

  • The inner voice we all listen to. It defines us.
  • Our constant reminder that we are either good or not so good, either smart or not so smart.
  • We all start listening to our inner voice when we are very young children.

What is an Affie?

  • A short, easy-to-remember phrase that kids love to repeat, such as "I am kind," "I take turns," "I am a good listener," and "I am dependable."
  • Saying Affies every day reinforces solid, life-long character traits.

What is Affieland?

  • A place to meet PajamaGramma, her dog Bo, and their forest friends in our modern-day fables.
  • A place of adventures to show your little ones how to believe in themselves and develop self confidence.
  • A place where kids learn to use positive self-talk to build a foundation of confidence and solid character.
  • A place to experience delightful fables, each with its own music, videos, and activities.

What is "Finding Your 5"?

  • A fun opportunity to set aside 5 powerful minutes to empower your child with a positive, confident inner voice.

The Key to Success with our Program?

  • Stand in front of a mirror with your child, look into your eyes, and repeat the Affie from the story. It is that simple!
  • Be amazed at how kids start listening and how they begin to make smart choices.

SDPB Kids and Affies4Kids are partnering together to bring a meaningful, easy-to-use online program to your children. By watching the videos and learning the songs, and most importantly, saying their Affies, children learn the language of positive self-talk. Their inner voices speak confidently and with a resilience that will soon help them navigate life's challenges. You are giving the gift of a positive self-image that will help them in school, on the playground, and at home.


SDPB is Excited to Offer Affies4Kids

The Affies4Kids® Preschool Series introduces parents and children to modern-day fables, told through charming 5-minute videos. The friendly characters teach positive affirmations crafted specifically for kids. They are developmentally appropriate, promote self-regulation, expand critical thinking, and encourage problem solving. Affies4Kids can help empower your kids by giving them tools to lead a positive and productive life.

Affies4Kids® is dedicated to affirming strong character traits, teaching children the language of positive self-talk and is committed to helping children everywhere become confident, compassionate, and resilient through parenting and preschool programs.