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Try This At Home
Acid rain is a major pollution problem found in many regions of the United States. Acid rain occurs when chemicals enter the atmosphere and react with water and oxygen. The acid produced falls to the earth causing damage to plants, animals and man-made structures.

You can see the effects of acid rain on plants by conducting the following experiment.

Collect it:

• 4 plastic cups
• dirt / potting soil
• water
• nail
• seeds
• vinegar
• spray bottle

Do it:

1. An adult should help you with the experiment.
2. Poke 3 small holes in each cup using a nail.
3. Fill four small cups with dirt.
4. Plant 4-6 wild flower seeds in each cup. (spread evenly)
5. Water plants. (keep moist, not saturated)
6. Continue to water and care for plants until 2-3 inches of foliage is present.


1. Fill a small spray bottle with vinegar. (eye protection)
2. Continue to water and care for plants.
3. Spray foliage 2 times a day with the vinegar (acid) mixture.
4. Continue until plants show visible signs of damage.


You should notice visible signs of wilting and browning after you spray the foliage. The plants will continue to brown and droop while they slowly die. After you have conducted the experiment the fun does not have to end. Use the list below to chose a category that represents your data. Encourage your friends to try the experiment too and compare your results with theirs.

Acid rain devastation seen in:
• less then 2 days
• 2 - 5 days
• more than 5 days

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