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Results - 2017 Class B Girls Basketball 


Warner defeated Timber Lake 65-39

Sanborn Central/Woonsocket defeated New Underwood 66-59 

Sully Buttes defeated Parker 63-45

Ethan defeated Avon 56-43


New Underwood defeated Timber Lake 51-31

Parker defeated Avon 56-36

Sanborn Central/Woonsocket defeated Warner 55-49

Sully Buttes defeated Ethan 37-35


Avon defeated Timberlake 45-41

New Underwood defeated Parker 43-32

Ethan defeated Warner 60-42  

Sully Buttes defeated Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 63-48


Champion: Sully Buttes
2017 State Class B Girls Basketball 1st Place - Sully Buttes

Runner-up: Sanborn Central/Woonsocket
2017 State Class B Girls Basketball 2nd Place - Sanborn Central-Woonsocket

3rd Place: Ethan
2017 State Class B GBB 3rd Place - Ethan

4th Place: Warner
2017 State Class B GBB 4th Place - Warner

5th Place: New Underwood
2017 Class B GBB 5th Place - New Underwood

6th Place: Parker
2017 Class B GBB 6th - Parker

7th Place: Avon
2017 Class B GBB 7th Place - Avon

8th Place: Timber Lake
2017 Class B GBB 8th Place - Timber Lake

Spirit of Six Award: Ethan
2017 Class B GBB Spirit of Six Award - Ethan

Spirit of Su Award: Myah Selland 
2017 Class B GBB Spirit of Su Award - Myah Selland

All-Tournament Team Award: See Names Below
2017 State Class B Girls Basketball All Tourn Team

(Front: L-R) Loryn Schoelerman, Timber Lake; Cheylee Nagel, Avon; Lauren Hunstad, Parker; Brianna Philipsen and Jaedyn Finkbeiner, New Underwood; Laurie Rogers, Warner; (Back L-R) Rachel Hawkins and Kacey Bartscher, Ethan; Myah Selland and Kayla Olson, Sandborn Central/Woonsocket; Racquel Wientjes and Chloe Lamb, Sully Buttes