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SDPB is excited to announce the establishment of an SDPB Black Hills Bureau. Opening in 2017, the bureau will serve as a reporting and storytelling production center for original media content created in the Black Hills and a public gathering space for program tapings, premieres, public events, and audience-participation  discussions.

The Black Hills are rich in South Dakota culture and history. SDPB’s Black Hills Bureau will be uniquely positioned to gather the facts and tell the stories of the region, while also expanding community and audience engagement in Rapid City and beyond.

SDPB has secured the Parts Central Building, located at 415 Main Street in downtown Rapid City, (one-half block East of 5th), for the bureau. In Rapid City, SDPB will build on existing radio and development staff to increase the community’s access to our services and to expand the impact of our programs. SDPB will partner with area leaders, volunteers, non-profits and freelancers to produce content that will generate deeper, broader discussions of community and state issues.

The Black Hills Bureau will serve primarily as a radio station and office space for producers. The radio station will permit broadcasts of SDPB’s statewide programs from Rapid City and will also support smaller-scale live and pre-recorded television programming and digital-first productions for

We anticipate staffing the bureau with 6 positions – 4 of whom will be Content Producers. The positions include 2 Radio/Digital News Producers, 1 Television/Digital Producer, and 1-to-2 Radio Interns/News Producers. They join 1 Underwriting Salesperson and 1 West River Development Officer.

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Click here to contribute to SDPB’s Black Hills Bureau project, or contact:
Major Giving & Donor Engagement Officer Carol Johnson / 605-880-5094

West River Director of Corporate Development Michele Slott / 605-394-6994

Friends of SDPB CEO Ryan Howlett / 605-929-2253

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