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Parts Central Building

SDPB is excited to be your New Neighbor in the Black Hills, and we need your help to finish the move! The SDPB Black Hills Bureau will open in August, serving as a reporting and storytelling production center for original media content created in the Black Hills and a public gathering space for program tapings, premieres, and audience-participation events.

The Black Hills are rich in South Dakota culture and history. SDPB’s Black Hills Bureau will be uniquely positioned to gather the facts and tell the stories of the region, while also expanding community and audience engagement in Rapid City and beyond. The station will permit broadcasts of SDPB’s statewide programs from Rapid City and will also support smaller-scale live and pre-recorded television programming and digital-first productions for

SDPB’s Black Hills Bureau will be located in the Parts Central Building, 415 Main Street in downtown Rapid City, (one-half block East of 5th). SDPB will add to existing radio and development staff in Rapid City to increase the community’s access to our services and to expand the impact of our programs. SDPB will open the bureau with five full-time staff allocated to the project, including two Radio/Digital News Producers, one Television/Digital producer and 2 development staff members.

With a fundraising goal of $355,000, SDPB needs your help to finish the project. SDPB has commitments of $50,000 to be given when we raise the final $50,000 needed for the project! The matching gift opportunity runs from June 15 to August 1, with gifts payable anytime during 2017-2018. So make your commitment today!

By giving to this project, you are expanding SDPB’s content to this culturally and historically rich location.

Blueprint of building


Adjusted Fundraising Goal:                          $355,049
Radio Studio                                                     $133,200
Television Compatibly                                       $30,349
Build Out & 30 Month Operational Cost            $90,000
Community Outreach & Signage*                     $101,500

*Adjusted to $101,500 from $36,500 to accommodate a programming fund for ongoing activities occurring in the Black Hills Bureau and greater Black Hills community.

Naming Opportunities
          Black Hills Surgical Hospital Radio Studio                         RESERVED
          Tim Dougherty & Karen E. Schreier Conference Room     RESERVED
          Public Gathering Space                                                      $50,000
          Office Suite                                                                         $25,000


Click here to have your gift doubled with the New Neighbor Match! Or contact:
Carol Johnson, West River Major Giving & Donor Engagement Officer / 605-880-5094

Michele, Slott, West River Director of Corporate Development / 605-394-6994

Ryan Howlett, Friends of SDPB Development Director / 605-367-7266


SDPB thanks the following donors to the Black Hills Bureau Project

$25,000 - $50,000 

Black Hills Surgical Hospital
Tim Dougherty and Karen E. Schreier
Ashok and Kaushalya Kumar

$10,000 - $24,999

Marloe and Dr. Reuben Bareis
Dr. Patricia A. Fish
Carolyn and Peter Mazzella
John T. Vucurevich Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

John and Yvonne Adrion
David and Mary Boyer
Barb and Harry Christianson
Doyle Estes and Kathryn Johnson
Tom Graslie and Carol Zielke
Karen and Richard Latuchie
Liz and Mike Manning
Linda and Robert Meyer
Dan and Janelle Toman

$2,500 - $4,999

Black Hills Area Community Foundation
Black Hills Federal Credit Union
Bill Casper
Cindy and Craig Christianson
Kathy and Mike DeMerssman
Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLC
Leo and Kara Flynn
Judy and Stephan Haas
William Howard
Brad and Carol Johnson
Kitty Kinsman and Steve Zellmer
Dan and Tracy Leikvold
Jeanne and Tom Manzer
Ketel Thorstenson, LLP
Andy and Barb Knight
Janice and Roger Knutsen
Karen N. Miller
Catherine Polley
Deanne and Glen Reaser
Erwin and Joan Reimann
Reptile Gardens
Karen and Rand Schleusener
Leonard Wormstadt Memorial

SDPB • 415 Main Street • Rapid City, SD 57701