Blanket Statements: SDPB’s New Documentary Tells South Dakota’s Quilting Heritage

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

Author Mary Reecy Fitzgerald has lent her expertise to SDPB’s new documentary Points of Pride: South Dakota's Quilting Heritage, working closely with SDPB producer Stephanie Rissler to bring forth stories from the state’s quilting communities.

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Dakota Life: Spokes of Hope

Posted by Heather Benson on

At the Center of Hope Bike Ministry in Sioux Falls they rehabilitated over 800 bicycles in the last year for folks in need of transportation.

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"Ka-Chunk" Dispenses Encapsulated Whimsy from Vending Machines

Posted by Michael Zimny on

Ipso Gallery presents an interactive art vending experience.

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Mary V. Bordeaux Changes the World

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

Racing Magpie co-director wants a better South Dakota for her sons.

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2017 Sioux River Folk Festival: The Ginstrings

Posted by Heather Benson on

The Ginstrings perform at the 2017 Sioux River Folk Festival held at Newton Hills State Park in Canton, SD.

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H is for Hawk: A New Chapter

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

SDPB spoke with Hill City’s Gervase Hittle, a certified falconer and consultant to the Black Hills Raptor Center in Rapid City, (as well as a retired English professor and former Marine), about the pleasures of falconry in South Dakota.

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What Would Crazy Horse Do?

Posted by Katy Beem on

SDPB visits with Julee Richards, founder of MAMA-Mothers Against Meth Alliance.

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The Dull Knife Legacy

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

This month brings the national PBS premiere of the heart-stirring documentary On a Knife Edge. The film features Guy Dull Knife, Jr., an artist, community leader, and veteran of the Vietnam War and American Indian Movement, and his son, George Dull Knife. SDPB spoke with Guy and George from their home in Kyle about the film and their continuing work on Pine Ridge and elsewhere.

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2017 Sioux River Folk Festival: Condor

Posted by Heather Benson on

The folk band Condor plays at the 2017 Sioux River Folk Festival in Canton, SD.

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David "Bulldawg" Michaud Returns to Rapid City

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

The SDPB Interview.

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SDPB Black Hills Bureau to Host Inaugural Art Exhibition

Last Updated by SDPB on

"Four" features work by four up-and-coming, young, indigenous artists.

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Drought 2017: Roots Reaching Deep

Posted by Eliza Blue on

Eliza Blue is a city girl turned ranch wife in northwest South Dakota. She shared with us her view of the 2017 drought and its affect on her life and family.

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Postcards: Biking with the Boys

Last Updated by Heather Benson on

While in Pierre to learn more about the capital city's bike trail system, SDPB's Larry Rohrer also stopped to ask if two familiar faces would join him for a ride.

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Bertha: Photos of a Life Lived on the Margins of Aberdeen

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

In the mid-seventies, photographer Jim Groth found his muse living in seclusion on the outskirts of Aberdeen. Nearly four decades later, Bertha is back.

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How to Hike the Badlands South Unit Corner-to-Corner

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

What "the other Badlands" lacks in trails and signs it makes up for in beauty, solitude.

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