International Jazz Day on SDPB Radio's Jazz Nightly

Posted by SDPB on

Today music lovers from Paris to New York to Sioux Falls celebrate International Jazz Day. Host Uncle Jimmo brings the celebration to the airwaves tonight on SDPB Radio's Jazz Nightly.

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Landscapes : Sica Hollow State Park

Posted by Michael Zimny on

The wildflowers are in bloom at Sica Hollow State Park, a nationally designated Natural Landmark on the Coteau des Prairies. 

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Today In History (April 27): Beethoven Composed Für Elise And Governor Rounds Announced State Quarter Design

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

On April 27, 1810 Ludwig van Beethoven composed his famous piano piece, Für Elise. According to History Run Down, Für Elise is ranked 166 on the top-200 list for the best classical music pieces of all-time. Also on April 27, but in 2005, South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds announced the "Mount Rushmore and Pheasant" to the Department of Treasury for the South Dakota state quarter design.

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Typewriter Art, The Gift Of Paul Smith

Posted by Nate Wek on

There are many types of artists in the world. Some of those artists become well known and make millions of dollars, others don’t. And some view art as nothing more than a hobby.

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ON RECORD : Minnesota Singer-Songwriter Charlie Parr

Posted by SDPB on

Minnesota singer-songwriter Charlie Parr releases his new album, "Stumpjumper," next week. He joins ON RECORD host Matt Weesner to perform songs and talk inspiration this Saturday, April 25 at 9pm CT, 8 MT on SDPB Radio. 

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The 2015 Sioux Falls JazzFest Lineup

Posted by Nate Wek on

The lineup for the 2015 Sioux Falls JazzFest event has been announced with Grace Potter, Boz Scaggs, and Marcia Ball headlining the event.

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Landscapes : Grand River National Grassland

Posted by Michael Zimny on

The pristine prairie and river bluffs of the Grand River National Grassland can be all yours to explore. 

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Landmarks : The Pickler Mansion in Faulkton

Posted by Michael Zimny on

The Pickler Mansion aka the "Pink Castle" — historic home of Major John A. and Alice Pickler — has been a Faulk County landmark for well over 130 years.

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Landmarks : The Selby Opera House

Posted by Michael Zimny on

The Selby Opera house has been a fixture at the heart of Selby, and Walworth County, for over a century. 

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Last Days in Vietnam : Free Screening in Rapid City

Posted by SDPB on

SDPB invites you to a free screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary, premiering April 28 on SDPB TV. 

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Tavis Smiley Interviews Actor Isaiah Washington

Posted by Nate Wek on

The NAACP Image and SAG Award winning actor, producer, activist and author talks about his role in the new film "Blackbird."

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Make Smoked Cheddar Black Pepper Mac ‘n Cheese

Posted by PBS Food on

The pairing of black pepper and cheddar is one that is longstanding, and for good reason—it’s special! It goes back to the days when I used to come home from school and make myself mac n cheese from the blue box. And always, always was there tons of black pepper cracked into the pot and even more on top for garnish.

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Landmarks : Round Barns in South Dakota

Posted by Michael Zimny on

The round or polygonal barn was always an oddity on the American farmscape. How many remain in the state of South Dakota?

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National Beer Day: Top Beers in South Dakota

Posted by Nate Wek on

Today is National Beer Day in the United States. It’s an undocumented holiday that became famous when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act on April 7, 1933. This act legalized the sale of beer with 3.2% alcohol in the United States and therefore, National Beer Day was born.

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Death Cab For Cutie's Tiny Desk Concert

Posted by NPR Music on

Death Cab For Cutie's Tiny Desk Concert with NPR Music from All Songs Considered

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