2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Joel Guptill

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

Joel Guptill's passion for music is shown through his singing, song writing, and guitar playing. Based out of Rapid City, SD, this performer is someone you don't want to miss out seeing.

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Video: SDHSAA Art Show 2017

Posted by SDPB on

Meet some of the young artists who displayed their work at the state art show in Rapid City.

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Last Updated by SDPB on

Meet members of PIERREcussion, the drum line team from Pierre’s T.F. Riggs High School.

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A Lost Monument and the Pierre Origins of the Geographical Center Saga

Last Updated by Michael Zimny on

Is the geographical center of North America at Rugby, Robinson, or Center, North Dakota? Or across the state line in Pierre?

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: The Nesters

Posted by Heather Benson on

Entries for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert were taken in January. We've gathered up the South Dakota bands represented, starting with The Nesters from Bison, SD.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Amanda Lynn

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

Tiny Desk Concert entry Amanda Lynn brings a new feel to the classic genre. Lush with addictive vocal hooks and splashy pop undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie folk anthems.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Burlap Wolf King

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

Burlap Wolf King is a vessel of songs for South Dakota based singer/songwriter, Thomas Hentges. Hentges performs solo, as well as with the band, both under the Burlap Wolf King moniker.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Maddie Todd

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

An acoustic artist who brings a new meaning to the word soul, SD Tiny Desk Concert entry Maddie Todd's new single "Paradox" is full of passion, great lyrics and beautiful guitar playing.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: The Darning Hearts

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

South Dakota Tiny Desk Concert entry The Darning Hearts is husband and wife dynamic duo that specializes in a 20's and 30's swing music.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Mark Mowry

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

Mark Mowry is an old campaigner in the music entertainment game. He is an amazing guitarist with vocal skills, as well as a songwriter of great depth. Check out his entry for the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Von Varagon Society

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

Von Varagon Society is an indie rock band with a great sound and some deep, meaningful lyrics.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: WJazz

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

If you're looking for some funky blues vibes on repeated phrasing, SD Tiny Desk Concert entry WJazz is your guy.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Back Alley

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

They may play under a new name, but there is no denying that this band has chemistry. Meet Tiny Desk Concert entry Back Alley.

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2017 NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Kenny Feidler & Clade Schuelke

Posted by Krystal Schoenbauer on

From a young age Kenny Feidler wanted to be a rodeo cowboy and now his childhood dream now resonates in the music he writes and sings. Best friend and bandmate Clade Schuelke adds some outstanding guitar skills to the mix as well.

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SDPB Presents Ethan Bortnick Live at the Washington Pavilion

Posted by Heather Benson on

Join piano virtuoso Ethan Bortnick along with guests the SDSU Concert Choir and Brookings High School Choir – plus a couple of other surprises.

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