Your Kids NEED to Know: Texting and Driving DO NOT Mix

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During this activity your kids will learn that texting and driving never mix. They will be amazed how far a moving vehicle travels in a few seconds when you are distracted which could result in injury or death.

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Tablecloth Mission - Your Kids will LOVE IT!

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Try this awesome activity at home!

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SDPB's Education Week: September 12-17, 2016

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

A special week of primetime programs highlighting gripping reports from today's classrooms.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted by Laura Dimock on

September 15-October 15

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A Box Elder Teacher's Tech-Savvy First Graders

Last Updated by Katy Beem on

Meet Heidi Coffin -- South Dakota's PBS Digital Innovator.

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Sesame Street to Remain on SDPB

Last Updated by Nate Wek on

A lot of Sesame Street news has been flooding the news feeds about a new deal between Sesame Street and HBO. For those who support SDPB's educational mission and value the role Sesame Street plays in furthering that mission, let us clear the media clutter and get beyond the headlines.

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PBS Kids Back-to-School Sweepstakes

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Enter to win your very own PBS KIDS Back-to-School Pack filled with back-to-school gear.

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Public Broadcasting Industry Receives National Education Association's Highest Honor

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The NEA Friend of Education was awarded to Patricia de Stacy Harrison, president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Paula A. Kerger, president and CEO of the Public Broadcasting Service.

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What Does The SAT Really Test?

Posted by Nate Wek, PBS Idea Channel on

THE SAT. How’s that SAT prep going? Need some SAT tips? Well, here’s one: The SAT may not actually be measuring your…anything. That’s right, your SAT scores, despite what colleges and high schools across America may like for you to believe, may not reflect anything new. Find out more...

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Huron’s Lori Keleher Selected as a 2015 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator

Posted by SDPB on

After a nationwide search, Lori Keleher of Huron has been selected as one of 100 educators nationwide to join the 2015 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators program.

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A radical approach to discipline that starts with listening to students

Posted by PBS NewsHour on

Metropolitan is among a small but growing number of schools nationally that are turning the traditional approach to discipline on its head. Instead of trying to get students to leave their personal troubles at the door, these schools help kids cope with what often is a history of trauma. The idea is to catch problems before they become disciplinary issues resulting in suspensions or expulsions.

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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Teachers

Posted by NPR News on

Who was your favorite teacher growing up? What did they teach and what grade were you in?

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The Math and Science Education Conference

Posted by Nate Wek on

The city of Huron will host the annual Math and Science Education Conference (SDCTM/SDSTA Joint Conference) this week, starting on Thursday, Feb. 5.

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