DIY Car Tracks Wrapping Paper

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If you're holiday shopping is done, then it's time to move onto the fun task of wrapping presents. This year, involve your child by having them make their own wrapping paper!


  • brown Kraft paper
  • paint
  • a shallow container (such as a plastic plate)




1. Roll out the brown Kraft paper onto a flat surface and cut off a large piece.

2. Pour some paint into the shallow container and smear it around a bit with your fingers. Add water if it seems too thick.

3. Roll the wheels of a toy car through the paint.

4. Run the car wheels, covered in paint, over the brown Kraft paper forming car track patterns.

5. Set the paper aside to dry.

6. Once the paper has completely dried wrap your presents!


Tie a bow onto your presents and you are finished!

For more great holiday activities, visit the website below!

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