The Golden Reward Mine

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The Golden Reward mine south of Lead, South Dakota, operated as a surface mine during the late 1980s and 1990s, extracting gold from ore using a process called "heap leaching."

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The Open Cut - Lead

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The most productive gold mine in North America began as a surface mine. What remains is a South Dakota landmark.

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Pheasant Hunting - 1950s & 60s

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South Dakota's been famous for pheasants for decades, and the annual hunt is a treasured tradition.

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Homecoming - 1954

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Black Hills State College homecoming included a few Spearfish High School students.

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The Glendoris (Latchstring) Inn

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The story of a landmark resort in the Black Hills - still in business after more than a century.

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Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

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Started in the 1930s as a herd management technique, the annual roundup has become a major Black Hills tourist attraction.

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Spearfish Canyon - 1938

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A 1938 film promoting tourism in the Black Hills features Spearfish Canyon.

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Black Hills State University - 1913

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Film shot in 1913 shows an event at Spearfish Normal School, the educational institution then on the site of what is now Black Hills State University.

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"Personalities with Chuck Anderson"

Vintage radio interviews with well known and not so well known South Dakotans.

Personalities: Gladys Pyle - A Woman of "Firsts" in Politics and Government

Gladys Pyle was the first woman elected to the S.D. House, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate, and the first...

Remembering South Dakota Native Hubert Humphrey

Hubert H. Humphrey was one of the most prominent politicians and policy-makers in the United States from the mid...

Personalities: Col. Chuck "Sam" Gemar - South Dakota Astronaut

Chuck Gemar was born in Yankton and graduated from Scotland high school in 1973. He was accepted into the United...

Personalities: Jim McKinney, Fmr. SDSU Band Director

Jim McKinney came to South Dakota State University in 1975 and was SDSU's band director from 1983 until his...

Personalities: A Pearl Harbor Survivor's Story

Charles "Chuck" Isakson (1917-1997), a Webster native and longtime Huron resident, was among some 50 South Dakotans...

Personalities: Joe Foss

Radio host Chuck Anderson traveled to Joe Foss's Scottsdale, Arizona home in 1996 for an interview with one of the...

Personalities: Amy Burnett

Amy Burnett is one of the best South Dakota basketball players ever. Burnett grew up in Huron and led Huron High to...

Personalities: George Hall, Creator and Collector of South Dakota History

While many bookworms spend their time cocooned in public libraries and bookstores searching for the next great story,...