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Casey Tibbs was born in 1929 in a meager log cabin 50 miles northwest of Fort Pierre. Against his father’s wishes, he started riding in rodeos at age 14. According to his father, people participating in rodeos were bums and there was no future in it. Because of his love and involvement with rodeo, Casey wasn’t allowed to return home and was on his own from that time on.

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At 19, Casey Tibbs became the youngest man ever to win the national saddle bronc-riding crown. From 1949 to 1955, he became a 9-time World Champion, winning six PRCA saddle bronc-riding championships, two all-around cowboy championships and one-bareback-riding championship.

casey tibbs riding necktieCasey Tibbs riding "Necktie"

casey tibbs riding easy moneyCasey Tibbs riding "Easy Money"

His life was thrust into the limelight, appearing on the TV show “To Tell the Truth” and his photo appeared on the cover of “LIFE” magazine. In 1958 he took a rodeo troupe to the World’s Fair in Belgium and introduced rodeo to Japanese spectators in 1973, staging 162 performances with his troupe.

casey tibbs

Though he had the highs and lows often associated with accelerating fame, Tibbs always had time to visit children in the hospital and help with charity work. He lived life to the fullest, often pulling pranks on friends.

poster for "Born to Buck"

After his rodeo career, Tibbs wrote, produced, starred and performed stunts in scores of movies. He produced the bestseller video “Born to Buck” as well as other films. A little known fact is Tibbs was John Wayne’s right hand technical man when the actor needed advice to produce realistic western films. Tibbs also acted or performed stunts in movies alongside actors such as Henry Fonda, Will Rogers Jr., Rod McKuen and Steve Ford, son of President Gerald Ford.

Casey Tibbs with movie stars

Casey Tibbs at a western film festival

Casey’s dream was to build a museum where all South Dakota rodeo greats could be honored. Though he died in 1990, the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center in Fort Pierre was eventually completed in 2009.

Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo CenterCasey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo CenterFort Pierre, South Dakota

casey tibbs statueStatues of Casey Tibbs and Mattie Goff NecombFort Pierre

Tibbs final resting spot is at the Scotty Phillips Cemetery just outside of his hometown of Fort Pierre. Tibbs’ boots, buckles, clothing, photos and cowboy hats are on display with other rodeo greats artifacts. Tibbs’ life will be highlighted in the upcoming documentary “Floating Horses – The Life of Casey Tibbs”.

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