Crescent Creamery - Sioux Falls, 1928

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Image Courtesy: Robert Kolbe

In 1928, milk was usually brought from the farm to the processing plant in cans. The first milk bulk tanks wouldn't appear on farms until 1938.* Once pasteurized at the plant, the milk was bottled. Plastic coated paper cartons would not be commercially available until 1932.*

This silent film, which is part of a longer film promoting Sioux Falls, shows the steps in milk processing from intake through bottling.

The film was shot at the Crescent Creamery building at 101 N. Main St., which was built and first used as a brewery. Foremost Dairy took over the building in 1953 but ceased operations there in 1974. The building burned to the ground in 1987.

Images of the Past Sioux Falls' Crescent Creamery - 1928 Silent film shows the various steps in milk processing as it was done in the 1920's.

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*Source: International Dairy Foods Association

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