Spearfish Main Street - 1913

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Film shot in 1913 shows Spearfish Main Street looking north from Hudson Street. The film was likely shot as a promotion for the town, and the street scene was probably intended to show how busy and prosperous the community was. At the time, Spearfish had a population of about 1100 people.*

The film shows cars and other motorized vehicles. A few horses can be seen, including a horse pulling a wagon across from east to west across Main Street traffic.

Images of the Past Spearfish Main Street - 1913 A view of Spearfish, South Dakota, Main Street in 1913

See more of Spearfish as it looked in 1913.

Images of the Past Spearfish 1913 Various scenes from Spearfish as it was in 1913

Here's a 2014 Google Maps StreetView at the approximate location of the 1913 Main Street film.

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*U.S. Census Data - 1910