Valley Queen Cheese - 90 Years in Milbank

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Valley Queen Cheese in Milbank opened for business on March 1, 1929. The business has grown over the past 90 years and right now, it's the largest cheese plant in South Dakota. But remarkably, Valley Queen is only in Milbank because of a chance meeting at a filling station.

This SDPB mini-documentary tells the story of Alfred Gonzenbach and Alfred Nef, two Swiss immigrants whose American Dream led them to Milbank. It also tells the story of how the business has been passed from fathers to their sons and to their sons.

Images of the Past Valley Queen Cheese - 90 Years in Milbank Two Swiss immigrants founded Valley Queen in Milbank in 1929 and it's still going strong.

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Much of the information for this SDPB mini-documentary was obtained from the book "Valley Queen Cheese - The Birth and Growth of An American Dream" by Ron Robinson.

Riverview Dairy and Valley Queen factory footage was provided by Paulsen Marketing, Sioux Falls.