A Discussion on PTSD with Dr. Kari Leiting

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Veterans with PTSD suffer. Their worlds become smaller. Moments of joy slip away, replaced by moments of pain and guilt and fear. If there's one thing I've learned from talking with veterans across the state it is this: Help often comes when someone who loves you helps you cross the threshold to the counselor's office. Asking for help takes courage.

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$36 and Change: A Tax Talk with Lieutenent Governor Matt Michels

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Conversations around money (in our personal budgets and in state government) are often tinged by fear and uncertaintly. As we embark on a new fiscal year in South Dakota, we invited Lt. Governor Matt Michels to take the mystery out of money by breaking down the state budget.

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A Book, A Hammock and a Lifetime of Reading

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It's time to pack your beach bag with books and get ready for a holiday weekend. As the summer reading season heats up, we catch up with Peggy Stout. She's the owner of Prairie Pages Bookseller in Pierre.

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I have always been a devoted scribbler in the margins of books. As a reader, I underline and highlight. I add questions marks and exclamation points. I argue with the author. But where are the margins in a radio program like In the Moment? 

You have to create them. 

Welcome to In the Margins. It’s a place for behind-the-scenes. It’s a place for expanding the conversation.

It’s a place for just one more question.

What I’m Reading Now


Next week on In the Moment we have a smart, timely lineup of guests talking about everything from healthcare in South Dakota to the wide-reaching impact of the drought.

That’s the main course. But we also like to serve up a bit of dessert on the program, and this time I mean that literally.

Author Laura Shapiro joins us Tuesday, July 25 to talk about food that tells the story of women’s history. I love a good calorie-free literary delight.