Celebrating May Day with Eliza Blue

Posted by Lori Walsh on

Welcome to May and the sweet muddy mess of South Dakota tumbling into a new season.

Eliza Blue is In the Moment today with the broadcast premiere of the title track from her upcoming album “South Dakota, First of May.”

With her signature haunting lyrics, she somehow captures how we waded through winter, clinging to threadbare memories of sunshine. We all inhabit Eliza’s musical snow globe. South Dakota shakes us, and she paints our portrait as we flutter into our new normal. 

One of the unexpected delights of hosting In the Moment is getting to know artists and musicians like Eliza as they bundle up their “house lambs,” tuck their (human) babes into fabric slings, and go about the business of making art. This is deeply generous work, because through this, the veil pulls back and we see ourselves, pained and imperfect, weary yet hopeful, arms outstretched and drenched in the promise of a South Dakota spring.

When she sings “ … it sounds like oceans overhead,” we know exactly what she means.

Here’s a link to Eliza’s new song: https://soundcloud.com/eliza-blue-367563103/south-dakota-first-of-may

Join us for a night of music Friday, May 4th with Eliza Blue at the Black Hills Studio in Rapid City.

And happy May Day.


I have always been a devoted scribbler in the margins of books. As a reader, I underline and highlight. I add questions marks and exclamation points. I argue with the author. But where are the margins in a radio program like In the Moment? 

You have to create them. 

Welcome to In the Margins. It’s a place for behind-the-scenes. It’s a place for expanding the conversation.

It’s a place for just one more question.


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