Sales in South Dakota: Will a New Tax be 'Incoming'?

Posted by Rebekah Tuchscherer on

62.2% of the state's general funds comes from sales and use taxes. When those revenues fall short of projections, emergency adjustments from lawmakers are required when crafting the state's budget. Kim Reuben is a senior fellow in the Urban Brookings Tax Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She directs the state and local finance initiative.

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$36 and Change: A Tax Talk with Lieutenent Governor Matt Michels

Posted by Lori Walsh on

Conversations around money (in our personal budgets and in state government) are often tinged by fear and uncertaintly. As we embark on a new fiscal year in South Dakota, we invited Lt. Governor Matt Michels to take the mystery out of money by breaking down the state budget.

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A Book, A Hammock and a Lifetime of Reading

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It's time to pack your beach bag with books and get ready for a holiday weekend. As the summer reading season heats up, we catch up with Peggy Stout. She's the owner of Prairie Pages Bookseller in Pierre.

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I have always been a devoted scribbler in the margins of books. As a reader, I underline and highlight. I add questions marks and exclamation points. I argue with the author. But where are the margins in a radio program like In the Moment? 

You have to create them. 

Welcome to In the Margins. It’s a place for behind-the-scenes. It’s a place for expanding the conversation.

It’s a place for just one more question.


Meet me in the Hills! In the Moment heads to the South Dakota Festival of Books for a live broadcast from the Deadwood Mountain Grand. It's my favorite event of the year, and much reading awaits. I'm currently deep into the sweetness of "Braiding Sweetgrass." Here are a few other titles waiting on the nightstand.