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I have always been a devoted scribbler in the margins of books. As a reader, I underline and highlight. I add questions marks and exclamation points. I argue with the author. But where are the margins in a radio program like In the Moment? 

You have to create them. 

Welcome to In the Margins. It’s a place for behind-the-scenes. It’s a place for expanding the conversation.

It’s a place for just one more question.

What I’m Reading Now


Next week on In the Moment we have a smart, timely lineup of guests talking about everything from healthcare in South Dakota to the wide-reaching impact of the drought.

That’s the main course. But we also like to serve up a bit of dessert on the program, and this time I mean that literally.

Author Laura Shapiro joins us Tuesday, July 25 to talk about food that tells the story of women’s history. I love a good calorie-free literary delight.