The No. 1 challenge of retirement

Last Updated by Sabri Ben-Achour on

How to spend down the money you've saved. It's harder than you might think.

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These Cuban Americans are spending their own money to send others to Cuba

Last Updated by Bradley Campbell, Maria Murriel on

Four children of Cuban exiles are trying to take other young Cuban Americans to the island, so they can form their own memories.

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If NASA’s mission is refocused, what will that do to climate research?

Last Updated by JaeRan Kim on

NASA is the government’s space agency, but not all of what NASA does is linked to space. A good portion of its work is more inward looking and has to do with our own planet — things like weather and climate change. Some Republicans are talking about rebalancing NASA's priorities and moving away from that research and refocusing on space exploration. But what potential impacts could that rebalancin

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What was missing from Facebook’s 5,000-word manifesto

Last Updated by Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood on

Mark Zuckerberg’s treatise was heavy on the why, not so much the how.

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New immigration policies are convincing more Japanese Americans to engage in the radical act of remembering

Last Updated by Natasha Varner on

Americans were discriminated against and incarcerated during World War II because of their ancestry. Which in turn created a generation of their descendents who don’t want to see it happen again.

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Heinz Kraft bid for Unilever is the latest sign of food consolidation

Last Updated by Marielle Segarra on

U.S. food company Kraft Heinz offered $143 billion for the British-Dutch consumer goods conglomerate Unilever. Unilever rejected the proposal, but Kraft Heinz said it looks forward to reaching an agreement on the terms of a transaction. If the deal does eventually go ahead, it would be one of the largest acquisitions on record. It's just a year since Heinz and Kraft Foods merged, but these big-tim

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Here's what you need to know when crossing international borders

Last Updated by Dana Roberson, Rick Freeman on

What rights do we have, if any, in that no-man’s-land between the plane and the international arrivals exit?

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Grexit talk resurfaces as EU finance ministers meet

Last Updated by Sam Beard on

Greece's debt problems rear up again as creditors demand more concessions.

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Wetzel's Pretzels' CEO says minimum wage increase boosts business

Last Updated by Sam Harnett on

Bill Phelps was surprised — and pleased — by his own data.

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Immigration and politics on a Georgia campus in Trump country

Last Updated by Eliza Mills on

A group of friends at Dalton State College talk about racial tensions and American pride.

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Weekly Wrap: 8 years since Obama's stimulus package

Last Updated by Kai Ryssdal on

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal talks with Leigh Gallagher of Fortune and Sudeep Reddy of Politico.

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02/17/2017: Total global dominance by Facebook

Last Updated by Marketplace on

A. Lot. Happened. This. Week. We're here to wrap it up. Leigh Gallagher of Fortune and Sudeep Reddy of Politico join host Kai Ryssdal to review the week that was. We'll also talk about that 5,700-word letter posted yesterday by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and what it all means. We also hear from a CEO in California who says the state's increase in minimum wage has been great for his business.

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02/17/17: The rise of athlete activism

Last Updated by David Brancaccio on

Americans are having trouble paying back their auto loans. We'll look at whether these delinquent payments pose risks to the financial system. Next, we'll discuss why there's been a rise in activism among athletes — especially among NBA players — and a plan in Washington that would keep water flowing to high-value crops.

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Band Electric Guest takes the Marketplace Quiz

Last Updated by Hayley Hershman on

In which they discuss food poisoning and curfews.

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In Venezuela: a bad week, a bad economy

Last Updated by Andy Uhler on

It’s been a turbulent week in Venezuela. On Wednesday, the government ordered cable operators to take the Spanish-language version of CNN off the air, after objecting to its reporting. Last Monday, the U.S. government imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s vice president, calling him a “drug kingpin.” But perhaps the biggest headache for Venezuela is the dire state of the nation’s economy, which has&nbs

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Turnover In Trump's White House Is 'Record-Setting,' And It Isn't Even Close

In Trump's first year in office 34 percent of top aides have either resigned, been fired or moved to different...

Trump, Unlikely Champion Of Anti-Abortion Rights Movement, To Address March For Life

Despite his history of previously expressing support for abortion rights, Trump carefully courted social...

Women's Marches Across The Country Will Focus On The Vote

On the anniversary of the Women's March in Washington, D.C., organizers say marches this year are less about outrage...

Hurricane-Force Winds In Europe Halt Flights, Rip Roofs And Topple Trees

The storm, packing winds up to 126 mph and known in Germany as "Friederike," hit hardest there and in the...

Iowa Boys Charged In Connection With Death Of Half A Million Honey Bees

The unidentified juveniles, aged 12 and 13, allegedly ransacked a Sioux City honey farm, knocking over hives and...

Justice Department Asks SCOTUS To Reverse Court Ruling Protecting DREAMers

After a federal judge blocked the Trump administration from ending DACA, the Justice Department is asking the...