NBA players step into political fray backed by union and league

Last Updated by Mitchell Hartman on

The 66th NBA All-Star Game tips off  Sunday night at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. The league moved it from Charlotte, North Carolina, to protest the Republican-controlled legislature’s so-called “bathroom bill” that required transgender people to use the facilities corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Players, coaches, owners and the NBA itself all see

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Washington state mulls plan to keep water flowing to high-value crops

Last Updated by Eilis O’Neill on

Right now, farmers have little incentive to sell water to each other.

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Chef Nancy Silverton on Netflix, pizza dough and becoming a celebrity chef

Last Updated by David Brancaccio on

The acclaimed chef talks to us about being featured in Nexflix's "Chef's Table" series, and lessons from her Ponzi scheme loss.

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North Korea's trade with China has grown tenfold in 15 years — which gives China more leverage than ever

Last Updated by Kuang Keng Kuek Ser on

If the Trump administration wants to get tough on North Korea over its nuclear program, its best option is China. North Korea's trade with China has grown massively over the past 15 years — and that's really the only opening for the US if it wants to rein in the Koreans. Here's an explainer on North Korea's trade dependency in three charts.

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Is the US a 'safe' country for refugees?

Last Updated by Catherine Whelan on

A new report from the Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program at Harvard Law School says it isn't.

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02/17/17: From college dorm room to fancy kitchen

Last Updated by Marketplace on

This morning we're looking at why the head of Samsung has been embroiled in a corruption scandal and news that the biggest pension fund in the U.S., CalPERS, is protesting the Dakota Access pipeline. Plus: A conversation with chef Nancy Silverton about why she wanted to enter the profession and her initial reservations about doing the Netflix series "Chef's Table."

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02/17/17: Shocking the brain for a better performance

Last Updated by Marketplace on

One of the latest innovations to give athletes an edge? Neuropriming, the practice of putting electrodes on your head to shock your brain so that you can get a boost in mental abilities. Proday's Sarah Kunst stopped by to discuss how powerful the priming is and whether it could become mainstream one day. Next, we'll look at Facebook's recent decision to jump into the job recruiting game, and then

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U.S. warns NATO to up defense spending

Last Updated by Andy Uhler on

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis was in Brussels today, meeting with defense ministers from the 28-member NATO alliance. Mattis told the allies that they needed to step up their defense spending or else America might moderate its commitment to NATO.  What does the current U.S. stance mean for the future of the alliance and how many NATO members are meeting spending targets?&

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A 19-year-old undocumented student — authorized to be in the US — was detained and then let go by federal agents

Last Updated by Reynaldo Leanos Jr. on

Josue Romero was arrested and put into the custody of federal immigration agents. He was held for 24 hours and then released — which raises serious questions for immigrants about what Trump's policies actually are.

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Trump keeps getting asked about anti-Semitism, but he doesn't seem to have an answer

Last Updated by Matthew Bell on

For the second time in two days, President Donald Trump was asked by reporters about rising anti-Semitism in America. And each time, he declined to offer a straight and clear condemnation of anti-Jewish bigotry.

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'Day Without Immigrants' shutters restaurants and businesses across the country

Last Updated by The World staff on

How to measure the impact of a one-day event that highlights the role of immigrant labor?

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China to ban carfentanil, a lethal opioid that's been entering America courtesy of the US Postal Service

Last Updated by Carol Hills on

China announces a ban on carfentanil, a lethal opioid originally designed to tranquilize elephants. One of the main ways it's been reaching American streets and driving up the rate of fatal overdoses is through the US Postal Service.

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What kind of economy did President Trump actually inherit?

Last Updated by Kai Ryssdal on

It's not really how he describes it.

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Trump tries again with new Labor secretary pick

Last Updated by Kim Adams on

President Donald Trump announced that he’s got a new pick for Labor secretary, R. Alexander Acosta. Recall his previous nominee, Andrew Puzder, dropped out after a good deal of backlash and potential looming scandals. Acosta is formerly of the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Justice, and, most recently, dean of the law school at Florida International University. In other words

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Blog: Scientists and other volunteers are banding together to save data

Last Updated by Tony Wagner on

Coders and scientists are scraping government websites on 'rescue' missions and uploading the information to repositories.

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