Ask This Old House: South Dakota Edition

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The crew of Ask This Old House recently made their first-ever stop in South Dakota. You can watch the all-star cast of fixer-uppers work their magic at one lucky family's Sioux Falls home on Saturday, January 23 at 1:30 CT, 12:30 MT. We’ll re-air the show Sunday night, January 24, at 9/8 MT on SDPB3-TV. Maybe you’ll recognize a house you know, or get some good advice on a project of your own.

In its 14th season, Ask This Old House hit the road teaching practical home improvement lessons to homeowners and millions of viewers. 

Stopping in Sioux Falls, master electrician Scott Caron worked with a homeowner with a troublesome outdoor switch and a wobbly post light. The light gets power, but why won't the light stay on? 

Homeowners are invited to submit their questions to or connect on Twitter @AskTOH or Facebook. Experts will answer selected home improvement questions in an on-camera house call recorded for a show segment on PBS, in THIS OLD HOUSE magazine, or online at



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