First Full Day of Winter

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First Day of Winter
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Today is the first full day of winter and weather experts are finding the season a tough one to predict. South Dakota State Climatologist Dennis Todey said while several cold weather patterns should hit the state for the new year, he’s not seeing anything that would project below, or above-average snowfall for the next few weeks.

“People have to think of winter, when we think of snow throughout the winter our tendency for big snowfall events tends to be in the latter part of the winter, as you get into the February and March time frame," said Todey. "The snowfall events we get in the middle of Winter tend to be somewhat lighter, not as much accumulation; but they tend to be more of a problem because they’re a lighter snow and they blow around a lot more.”

Todey said the northern Plans will receive a few shots of Arctic Air in the next week, with temperatures reaching below zero on occasion through the New Year.

-Written by Gary Ellenbolt (SDPB News Reporter)

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