House Education Committee Passes Bill To Limit Power Of The South Dakota High School Activities Association

Posted by Nate Wek on

The House Education Committee passed a bill on Wednesday to limit the decision-making powers of the South Dakota High School Activities Association. This bill would not allow the Association to create a policy regarding sexuality or gender identity with high school students. 

Proponents believe state lawmakers should be responsible for creating such a policy, not the Activities Association. Opponents believe it could lead to lawmakers violating federal law, and possibly a future lawsuit.

Lindsey Riter-Rapp is an attorney who represents the South Dakota High School Activities Association. She says the Association’s policy on transgender students was NOT something that was implemented in a short period of time.

"There were many conversations that we had," said Riter-Rapp. "Not only with other state associations, but with legal council and other jurisdictions. We were looking at the case law that was coming out on this particular issue."

Riter-Rapp says the initial conversations with creating the transgender policy began in August of 2013. It took until June of 2014 for the policy to be passed by the Activity Association members. House Bill 1161 passed the House Education committee 9-6, and it goes next to the House floor.

Two bills are now making their way through the legislative process, both of which would effect the South Dakota High School Activities Association. 

Hear the difference between the two bills here

House Gender Identity Bills

The difference between House Bill 1195 and House Bill 1161

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