Nick’s Burger Shop Has Top Burger in South Dakota? What about Black Hills Burger and Bun?

Posted by Nate Wek on
Nick's Hamburger Shop (Brookings, SD)
Visit Brookings

MSN has labeled Nick’s Hamburger Shop in Brookings for having the best hamburger in South Dakota.  This old fashion style hamburger joint opened in November of 1929. Although the times have changed, the demand for their burgers has not. When Nick’s hamburger shop opened in 1929, the cost of a hamburger was five cents. Today each hamburger is sold for $1.48. 

Nick’s hamburger shop in Brookings is a unique place to eat, but some  don’t feel it’s truly the best hamburger a person can get in South Dakota. Custer, SD also has a burger place, that many people claim is the very best.

In July of 2014, Trip Advisor named Black Hills Burger and Bun for having the best-served burger in America. SDPB’s Jim Kent took a trip to the Black Hills Burger and Bun shortly after the announcement (Hear that story by clicking here).

“I can’t say Black Hills Burger and Bun has the best burger in the nation, but it’s definitely right up there,” said Kent. “Lean, juicy and fresh.”

It’s clear there’s still debate to be had, but which burger joint truly does serve the very best burger in the state? What do you think?

Click here to see the entire state-by-state best burger list, according to MSN.

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