President Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address

Posted by Nate Wek on
2015 State of the Union Address

CBS News labeled ten key points made by President Obama during his 2015 State of the Union Address on Tuesday January 20.

1. Call for extension of mandatory school attendance age

2. Creation of a Trade Enforcement Unit

3. Commitment to increase job training

4. Urge for immigration overhaul

5. Establishment of Financial Crimes Unit

6. Creation of prosecutorial unit to protect homeowners from abusive lending

7. Proposal to help homeowners save on their mortgages

8. Push for increase in student aid

9. Announcement of Defense Department's clean energy initiative

10. Call to impose the so-called "Buffett rule"

What did you think of the President's speech? What concerns you? What did you like? What issue do you see as the most important?

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