South Dakota Ranked a Top State For Retirement

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1. Wyoming


2. Colorado


3. Utah


4. Idaho


5. Virginia


6. Iowa


7. Montana


8. South Dakota

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9. Arizona


10. Nebraska


South Dakota is the eighth best state in the nation for retirement, according to a list by Bankrate. Low taxes and low crime rate are credited to South Dakota being a worthy candidate for retirees.

“Although temperatures in South Dakota can get downright frosty, retirees may warm up to the idea of living here based on the money they can save. South Dakota boasts the third-lowest tax burden in the country – a big draw for penny-pinchers.”

- via Bankrate

Along with having the fourth lowest crime rate in the nation, South Dakota provides retirees with beautiful scenery and a quieter lifestyle.

Here are the ten worst states to retire, according to Bankrate.

1. Arkansas

2. New York

3. Alaska

4. West Virginia

5. Louisiana

6. New Jersey

7. Hawaii

8. Kentucky

9. Missouri

10. Oregon

Are you proud of South Dakota for being a strong retirement state?

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