The Top-16 South Dakota Places Of 2017 That A Person Should Visit

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According to Only In Your State, these are the top-16 South Dakota places a person should visit in 2017. Some of the places are more well known than others, but all are special in one way or another. Are there other locations a person should visit as well in 2017?

1. Black Hills Burger & Bun Co., Custer.

2. Midway Drive-in Movie Theater, Miller.

3. Hippie Hole, Keystone.

4. Porter Sculpture Park, near Montrose.

5. Palisades State Park, Garretson.

6. Rushmore Tramway Adventures, Keystone

7. The town of Dimock.

Natalie / Only In Your State

8. Sunday Gulch Trail, Custer State Park.

9. Zoom Soda and Candy, Rapid City.

10. Storybook Land, Aberdeen.

11. Great Bear Ski Valley, Sioux Falls.

12. South Dakota State Fair, Huron.

13. Summer Creek Inn, Rapid City.

14. Angostura and Sheps Canyon Recreation Area, Hot Springs.

15. Spearfish Canyon, south of Spearfish.

16. The Back 40, Kimball.

To learn more about these 16 locations, click here.

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