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"Science Steve" -- aka SDPB's Education Specialist Steven Rokusek -- puts on his lively, engaging science demonstrations at venues throughout South Dakota.

Science Steve uses humor, watermelons, and flying toilet paper to bring dry theorems and scientific laws to life for kids and adults. Each appearance includes approximately 15 science demonstrations on physics, chemistry, anatomy and more. 

Science Steve's Upcoming Appearances (2018):

Lakota Nations Ed. Conf., Dec. 13-15, Rapid City

School Event, Jan 9 & 10, Canistota

Library Event, Jan. 17, Brookings 

Family STEM Event, Jan. 24, Harrisburg 

Math & Science Conf., Feb. 7-9, Huron

Myth Busters - SDSM&T, Feb 19, Rapid City

Kids Fair, March 22-24, Rapid City 

Sanford Science Discovery Day, April 16, Sioux Falls

Summer Library Event, June 19th, Lennox

Summer Library Event, June 26th, Flandreau 

For a glimpse of Science Steve's demonstrations, click on "Enjoy 30 Science Seconds with Science Steve!" (About)


Science Steve's Recent Appearances (thank you for attending):

5th Grade Class, April 24, Vermillion

Girl Scouts: The Big Event, May 5, Sioux Falls

Vermillion Kindergarten Classes, May 11 

2nd Grade Class, May 14, Hartington

Vermillion 5th Grade Classes, May 17-18

It's All About Science Festival, June 9, Sioux Falls

Edith B. Siegrist Public Library, June 18, Vermillion 

Outdoor University West, June 23, Rapid City 

Dissection Video Series, June 26-28, Madison 

Neutrino Day, July 14, Lead

Afterschool Event, July 16, Belle Fourche

Discovery Centers Afterschool Event, July 18, R.C.

USD Vermillion Preschool, July 31 

Outdoor University East, August 4, Sioux Falls 

Kids Inc. Staff Training, August 20-21, Sioux Falls

DSU (NASA) Event, August 27, Madison 

SiouxperCon, September 29-30, Sioux Falls

SoDakSACA Conference, Oct. 11-13, Sioux Falls

Nerd Night (Photos), Varsity Pub, Oct. 17, Vermillion 

SDSU Ed. Students, Oct. 22, Brookings

Sanford Science Discovery Day, Nov. 6, Sioux Falls

Journey Museum, November 11, Rapid City

Smoke ring from Air Zooka - science demonstration Nerd Night at the Varsity in Vermillion


Thank You to Our Sponsor!

3MScience Steve events are supported by 3M. Science Steve events are supported by 3M.          


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