7th Place Game Results

Posted by Nate Wek on

Class AA 

Huron defeats Watertown 55-45 in the Class AA 7th place game. Huron ends the tournament with a 1-2 record and in 7th place, while Watertown finishes with a 0-3 tournament record in 8th place.

Class A

Lennox defeats Mt. Vernon/Plankinton 65-55 in the Class A 7th place game. Lennox finishes with a 1-2 tournament record and 7th place, while Mt. Vernon/Plankinton finishes in 8th place with a 0-3 tournament record.

Class B

Gregory defeats Faith 61-54 in the Class B 7th place game. Gregory finishes with a 1-2 tournament record and a 7th place finish, while Faith finishes with an 0-3 tournament record and an 8th place finish.

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