High School AD's Don't Want A Shot Clock For Class B

Posted by Nate Wek on
DAKTRONICS shot clock
USA Today

High school Athletic Directors in South Dakota do not want to see a shot clock implemented for class B of high school basketball. Athletic Directors from around the state voted against a designed proposal 37-32 on Monday.

Monday’s vote is NOT the final decision on the matter, but it will be used as a recommendation to the South Dakota High School Activities Association moving forward on the matter.

Athletic Directors also voted on a proposal to implement a mercy rule for basketball in class A and class B. If a point differential reaches 40-points in the second half, then the officials will continue to run the clock (except for team/official timeouts). The AD’s voted in favor of this proposal 64-28.

Another proposal voted in favor of by the Athletic Directors, 28-21, was the class A state basketball qualifying format. This proposal would reseed the final 16 teams in the class A regional round, and would enable the possibility of teams in the same district or region to compete at the same time during a state tournament.

SDHSAA board members will discuss and vote on all of these items and more at the April meeting in Pierre. The board members will simply use Monday’s vote from the Athletic Directors as a recommendation for which way to vote on April 21-22.

To see a full list of the proposals and AD voting results, click here

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