2015 Boys Cross Country Results

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Boys Class AA Individual Top-3

1.Gabe Peters (11) SF Lincoln 15:52.89

2. Tiegen Lindner (12) SF O'Gorman 15:59.15

3. Alec Kray (12) SF Washington 16:02.58

Full Class AA Individual Results

Class AA Boys Team Scores

Class AA Boys Team Scores.png

Boys Class A Individual Top-3

1. Chance Dooley (12) Custer 15:56.70

2. Derick Peters (10) West Central 16:09.10

3. Luke Julian (11) St. Thomas More 16:16.10

Full Class A Individual Results

Class A Boys Team Scores

Class A Boys Team Scores.png

Boys Class B Individual Top-3

1. Daniel Burkhalter (10) Bison 16:54.84

2. Jayden Waldner, Jayden (12) James Valley 17:10.26

3. Cameron Harming, Cameron (12) Elkton-Lake Benton 17:16.24

Full Class B Individual Results

Class B Boys Team Scores

Class B Boys Team Scores.png

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