2016 Boys AA Golf Championships: Day One Results

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Team Scores

PosTeamsScore Over Par 1st Round2nd RoundTotal 
1SF Washington333210321
2Pierre T.F. Riggs393270327
3SF Lincoln423300330
4SF O'Gorman433310331
5Aberdeen Central513390339
6RC Stevens553430343
7SF Roosevelt573450345
T8Brandon Valley653530353
15Sturgis Brown913790379
16RC Central1264140414

Individual Scores

PosPlayersTeamsScore Over Par1st Round2nd RoundTotal Strokes
1Will GrevlosSF Washington-369-69
2Bryce HammerSF O'Gorman173-73
3Jack LundinSF Roosevelt375-75
4Austin HossPierre T.F. Riggs678-78
5George MickelsonSF Lincoln779-79
T6Kade McTighePierre T.F. Riggs880-80
T6Karter LeinHarrisburg880-80
T6Devin GilbertsonSF Washington880-80
T6Sam BattaWatertown880-80
T10Nolan WiegelHuron981-81
T10Jonah DohrerAberdeen Central981-81
T10Bronson VisaSF Lincoln981-81
T10Lane JensenRC Stevens981-81
14Andrew VanGerpenPierre T.F. Riggs1082-82
T15Dalton BarseWatertown1183-83
T15Mason RozellHuron1183-83
T15Tyler WestraSF Lincoln1183-83
T18JD KeszlerSturgis Brown1284-84
T18Lucas SchobertBrandon Valley1284-84
T20Bennett LundyAberdeen Central1385-85
T20Scott AlbrechtAberdeen Central1385-85
T20Justin KolbSF O'Gorman1385-85
T23Sam SutcliffeSF O'Gorman1486-86
T23Nathan WoodallSF Washington1486-86
T23Ryan NolanRC Stevens1486-86
T23Jared JostSF Roosevelt1486-86
T23Hank EggebraatenSF Washington1486-86
T28Michael StatzSF O'Gorman1587-87
T28Coleman VartyPierre T.F. Riggs1587-87
T28Ryan NeffSF Lincoln1587-87
T28Simon HaceckyYankton1587-87
T28Lincoln ShaferSF Washington1587-87
T33Blake DornbuschSF O'Gorman1688-88
T33Landon BeckAberdeen Central1688-88
T33Dalton MaibaumYankton1688-88
T33John YoungRC Stevens1688-88
T33Payton PharesRC Stevens1688-88
T33Max HonnerSF Lincoln1688-88
T39Michael FrickYankton1789-89
T39Matt GussoBrandon Valley1789-89
T39Mitch GussoBrandon Valley1789-89
T42Sam MockMitchell1890-90
T42Adam SchraderSF Lincoln1890-90
T42Carson HrubyHuron1890-90
T42Kullan DaikawaBrookings1890-90
T42Jack JohnsonSF O'Gorman1890-90
T47Tyson KogelHarrisburg1991-91
T47Max EricksonSF Roosevelt1991-91
T47Jimmie CunninghamYankton1991-91
T47Braydon JonesAberdeen Central1991-91
T47Austin SwensonBrandon Valley1991-91
T52Tate KrcilMitchell2092-92
T52Austin EricksonBrandon Valley2092-92
T52Cade CarpenterMitchell2092-92
T55Matt RandallSF Roosevelt2193-93
T55Ben DaaneRC Stevens2193-93
T55Tyler FanninWatertown2193-93
T55Ethan HuberMitchell2193-93
T55Tice McVaySturgis Brown2193-93
T55Landon MoeBrookings2193-93
T55AJ FernandezYankton2193-93
62Parker PietzPierre T.F. Riggs2294-94
T63Nick BennettMitchell2395-95
T63Austin FrickYankton2395-95
T63Hunter Von BergenSF Roosevelt2395-95
T66Alex MileyBrookings2496-96
T66Sam TorbertSF Washington2496-96
T66Sam EdmanPierre T.F. Riggs2496-96
T66Luke BunkersSF Roosevelt2496-96
T70Drew ColeBrookings2597-97
T70Adam SalterRC Stevens2597-97
T70Jackson SchroeppelHarrisburg2597-97
T70Will AllenHarrisburg2597-97
74Max DaileyMitchell2698-98
T75Anthony LanierHarrisburg2799-99
T75Alec RiceBrookings2799-99
T75Jacob WehdeHuron2799-99
T75Alec AndersonWatertown2799-99
T79Chase BervenHarrisburg28100-100
T79Ethan VikanderAberdeen Central28100-100
T79Tyler DivisDouglas28100-100
T82Matt EbySturgis Brown29101-101
T82Henry RubishHuron29101-101
T82Noah ZiegmannSturgis Brown29101-101
T82Jake WhitlockWatertown29101-101
86Cameron KorRC Central30102-102
T87Connor TrimbleRC Central31103-103
T87Alex DuranRC Central31103-103
T89Zane SwensonBrandon Valley32104-104
T89Sean SullivanBrookings32104-104
T89Tucker WookeyWatertown32104-104
T89Taylor EbySturgis Brown32104-104
93Blake BrownRC Central34106-106
94Nathan GauerHuron35107-107
95Tyler EberleRC Central39111-111
96Andrew CorbineDouglas42114-114
97Jaden HeintzmanDouglas44116-116
98Derrick BrownDouglas45117-117
99Carson LevinRC Central46118-118
100Devin WolterSturgis Brown56128-128
101Tate DeweyDouglas76148-148

Day Two Pairings

1. 9:00 am (1)Nathan Gauer / HuronTucker Wookey / WatertownAustin Frick / Yankton 
2. 9:10 am (1)Henry Rubish / HuronJake Whitlock / WatertownAJ Fernandez / Yankton 
3. 9:20 am (1)Jacob Wehde / HuronAlec Anderson / WatertownJimmie Cunningham / Yankton 
4. 9:30 am (1)Carson Hruby / HuronTyler Fannin / WatertownMichael Frick / Yankton 
5. 9:40 am (1)Mason Rozell / HuronDalton Barse / WatertownDalton Maibaum / Yankton 
6. 9:50 am (1)Nolan Wiegel / HuronSam Batta / WatertownSimon Hacecky / Yankton 
7. 10:00 am (1)Ethan Vikander / Aberdeen CentralAdam Salter / RC StevensLuke Bunkers / SF RooseveltZane Swenson / Brandon Valley
8. 10:10 am (1)Braydon Jones / Aberdeen CentralBen Daane / RC StevensHunter Von Bergen / SF RooseveltAustin Erickson / Brandon Valley
9. 10:20 am (1)Landon Beck / Aberdeen CentralPayton Phares / RC StevensMatt Randall / SF RooseveltAustin Swenson / Brandon Valley
10. 10:30 am (1)Scott Albrecht / Aberdeen CentralJohn Young / RC StevensMax Erickson / SF RooseveltMatt Gusso / Brandon Valley
11. 10:40 am (1)Bennett Lundy / Aberdeen CentralRyan Nolan / RC StevensJared Jost / SF RooseveltMitch Gusso / Brandon Valley
12. 10:50 am (1)Jonah Dohrer / Aberdeen CentralLane Jensen / RC StevensJack Lundin / SF RooseveltLucas Schobert / Brandon Valley
13. 11:00 am (1)Sam Torbert / SF WashingtonSam Edman / Pierre T.F. RiggsAdam Schrader / SF LincolnJack Johnson / SF O'Gorman
14. 11:10 am (1)Lincoln Shafer / SF WashingtonParker Pietz / Pierre T.F. RiggsMax Honner / SF LincolnBlake Dornbusch / SF O'Gorman
15. 11:20 am (1)Nathan Woodall / SF WashingtonColeman Varty / Pierre T.F. RiggsRyan Neff / SF LincolnMichael Statz / SF O'Gorman
16. 11:30 am (1)Hank Eggebraaten / SF WashingtonAndrew VanGerpen / Pierre T.F. RiggsTyler Westra / SF LincolnSam Sutcliffe / SF O'Gorman
17. 11:40 am (1)Devin Gilbertson / SF WashingtonKade McTighe / Pierre T.F. RiggsBronson Visa / SF LincolnJustin Kolb / SF O'Gorman
18. 11:50 am (1)Will Grevlos / SF WashingtonAustin Hoss / Pierre T.F. RiggsGeorge Mickelson / SF LincolnBryce Hammer / SF O'Gorman
19. 9:30 am (10)Max Dailey / MitchellSean Sullivan / BrookingsChase Berven / Harrisburg 
20. 9:40 am (10)Nick Bennett / MitchellAlec Rice / BrookingsAnthony Lanier / Harrisburg 
21. 9:50 am (10)Ethan Huber / MitchellDrew Cole / BrookingsWill Allen / Harrisburg 
22. 10:00 am (10)Tate Krcil / MitchellAlex Miley / BrookingsJackson Schroeppel / Harrisburg 
23. 10:10 am (10)Cade Carpenter / MitchellLandon Moe / BrookingsTyson Kogel / Harrisburg 
24. 10:20 am (10)Sam Mock / MitchellKullan Daikawa / BrookingsKarter Lein / Harrisburg 
25. 10:30 am (10)Tate Dewey / DouglasCarson Levin / RC CentralDevin Wolter / Sturgis Brown 
26. 10:40 am (10)Derrick Brown / DouglasTyler Eberle / RC CentralTaylor Eby / Sturgis Brown 
27. 10:50 am (10)Jaden Heintzman / DouglasBlake Brown / RC CentralNoah Ziegmann / Sturgis Brown 
28. 11:00 am (10)Andrew Corbine / DouglasAlex Duran / RC CentralMatt Eby / Sturgis Brown 
29. 11:10 am (10)Tyler Divis / DouglasConnor Trimble / RC CentralTice McVay / Sturgis Brown 
30. 11:20 am (10) Cameron Kor / RC CentralJD Keszler / Sturgis Brown 

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