A Few Basic Rules of Six-Man Football

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South Dakota could very well experience the addition of six-man football, starting in the year 2019.

Even though the High School Activities Association is considering six-man football into the future plans of high school football in the state, SDHSAA Assistant Executive Director John Krogstrand says the goal is to NOT exceed seven overall classes.

“If six-man [football] is the way to go, then that probably means a discussion about all seven classes, how they’re aligned, and fitting six-man into one of those seven, and not an eighth class on what we already have,” says Krogstrand.

While the concept of the six-man game remains the same, there are some distinct differences too with the rules of play.

According to the Bible of Six-Man Football In Texas, here are a few basic rules of six-man football.

  1. The field is 40-yards by 80-yards, rather than 50-yards by 100-yards.
  2. 15-yards for a first down, not 10.
  3. All players on offense can be considered an eligible receiver.
  4. There must be a ‘clean exchange’ of the football. The quarterback must hand off, pitch or throw the ball before it can cross the line of scrimmage.
  5. A field goal is worth four-points. A kicked pat after is two-points, and a run/pass pat after is one-point.

There are a few states in the nation who currently field six-man football at the high school level, including Nebraska, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

What do you think the South Dakota High School Activities Association should do? Do you like the idea of bringing back six-man football to the Mt. Rushmore state?

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