South Dakota High School Media Preps Volleyball Poll (August 28 - September 2)

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The August 28 - September 2 South Dakota Media Preps poll for high school volleyball.

Class AAVotesRecord
1. Harrisburg1022-0
2. Mitchell876-0
3. Aberdeen Central482-1
4. Sioux Falls O'Gorman384-1
5. Sioux Falls Lincoln194-1
Class AVotesRecord
1. Dakota Valley1032-0
2. Sioux Falls Christian851-0
3. Madison441-1
4. Miller321-0
5. Parker311-0
Class BVotesRecord
1. Northwestern1046-0
2. Chester Area781-0
3. Warner701-0
4. Sully Buttes323-0
5. Hanson133-0

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