"Kerrie On" at the 2017 Mickelson Trail Trek

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Eleven members of the Omaha PD at mile marker 17.

A group of eleven Omaha police officers riding the 2017 Mickelson Trail Trek had a special reason for stopping at mile marker 17 near Minnekahta Junction west of Hot Springs, South Dakota. They paused to pay tribute to a fallen fellow officer, Kerrie Orozco, who was killed during an arrest in May, 2015. A small plaque embedded in the marker serves as a memorial to Orozco, and to all law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting 2017 Mickelson Trail Trek - Kerrie On Omaha police riding the 2017 Mickelson Trail Trek honor a fallen fellow officer.


mile marker plaque

group of omaha officers

The officers riding the 2017 Trail Trek include:

Back, L-R: Lt. Pat Rowland (flag jersey), Matt Worm (black shirt), Kirby Warren (far back, glasses), Jeremy Christiansen.

Middle, L-R: Dave Ullery (red, behind marker), Mike Curd, (flag stripes), Keith Williamson, Robert Frock

Kneeling, L-R: Jaime Leavitt (white vest), Tricia Ryan, Tracie Tonnits (friend of the Dept.), John Sokolik.


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