2018 State Basketball Championships, Friday Results

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Class AA Boys

Friday Resuls

Douglas defeated Sioux Falls Lincoln 48-41

Sioux Falls O’Gorman defeated Sioux Falls Washington 68-63

Harrisburg defeated Rapid City Stevens 60-52

Yankton defeated Rapid City Central 60-52

Saturday Schedule

7th place game - Sioux Falls Lincoln vs Sioux Falls Washington

5th place game - Douglas vs Sioux Falls O'Gorman

3rd place game - Rapid City Stevens vs Rapid City Central

Championship - Harrisburg vs Yankton

Class AA Girls

Friday Results

Sioux Falls Washington defeated Rapid City Stevens 56-46

Sioux Falls O’Gorman defeated Rapid City Central 56-51

Aberdeen Central defeated Brandon Valley 44-43

Harrisburg defeated Sioux Falls Lincoln 53-51 (OT)

Saturday Schedule

7th place game - Rapid City Stevens vs Rapid City Central

5th place game - Sioux Falls Washington vs Sioux Falls O'Gorman

3rd place game - Brandon Valley vs Sioux Falls Lincoln

Championship - Aberdeen Central vs Harrisburg

Class A

Friday Results

Red Cloud defeated Crow Creek 70-68

Dakota Valley defeated Pine Ridge 68-65

Tea Area defeated Sioux Falls Christian 76-68

Madison defeated Sioux Valley 58-55

Saturday Schedule

7th place game - Crow Creek vs Pine Ridge

5th place game - Red Cloud vs Dakota Valley

3rd place game - Sioux Falls Christian vs Sioux Valley

Championship - Tea Area vs Madison

Class B Boys

Friday Results

Canistota defeated Lower Brule 69-49

Timber Lake defeated Langford Area 38-37

Clark/Willow Lake defeated Bridgewater-Emery 67-62

Sully Buttes defeated White River 56-34

Saturday Schedule

7th place game - Lower Brule vs Langford Area

5th place game - Canistota vs Timber Lake

3rd place game - Bridgewater-Emery vs White River

Championship - Clark/Willow Lake vs Sully Buttes

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