Deadwood To Seek Sports Betting On 2020 Ballot

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Deadwood Historic Society

The next time South Dakotans head to the polls to vote for President of the United States, they could also be voting to legalize sports betting in the Mt. Rushmore state.

Deadwood Gaming Association is proposing an amendment to the state constitution to allow for sports betting.

The announcement comes just after a US Supreme Court ruling on Monday that grants state’s the opportunity to legalize it.

Mike Rodman is executive director of the gaming association. He said the group is still figuring out how sports betting in South Dakota will look.

“We believe that there’s thousands of South Dakota voters that enjoy sports betting, but they want to do it in a legal, safe, regulated environment,” Rodman explained. That’s why we’d like to give them that opportunity.”

​There are two ways for sports betting to reach the ballot in 2020. It can go to public vote through the petition process, or it can reach the ballot via the state legislature (2019 or 2020).

Rodman said the group plans bring the ballot question for the 2020 election. If passed, tribal casinos will also be allowed to offer sports betting.

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