Augustana University Plans Division One Transition For Athletics

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Augustana University

Augustana University in Sioux Falls has released a strategic vision plan of goals for the institution between now and the year 2030. Of the goals listed, one is to expand their athletics to the division one level of play.

Vikings Athletic Director Josh Morton said even though the vision project extends through the next decade, the plan to move Augie up to division one in athletics is something that he hopes will happen earlier rather than later.

"Our working goal is to say if we can secure a division one conference invite by December of 2020 – that’s a goal," explained Morton. "If it’s longer, if it’s shorter, we don’t know. That’s what’s changed over the past few years, and I think it’s a good change, because it really sets the transitioning school up for success, if you’re in a conference right away."

Morton said of the nineteen sports currently at Augustana, the hope is to transition all of them up. Money is key as well, as the overall costs of scholarships, staffing, and facility operations will increase with a division one move. Morton said conversations are already underway within the university to make this possible.    

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