Apple World Wide Developer Conference Wrap up 2017

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WWDC 2017

Apple is notorious for giving us surprises at their World Wide Developers Conference, (WWDC) and this year was no exception. From new updates, to a new competitor for the emerging market of Home Smart Tech, here are the top things you need to know from WWDC 2017. 

Apple's New "HomePod"

A competitor to the Amazon Echo, and the Google Home products, these small speaker-looking devices are bridging the gap between the real adn digital world. It allows you to do real life searchs, schedule appointments, add things to lists, change the lighting in your house (if of course, you have smart bulbs, etc in your house) all without being near your phone. Instead you just have to be within earshot of this tiny little device, which stands to be a stronger unit than both the Echo and Google Home. The Apple HomePod will be available in December for $350. 

Apple's new HomePod


A New Desktop "iMac Pro"

Apple gave us a sneak peak at the most powerful computer it has ever built: The, releasing-in-December iMac Pro. Meant for editing professionals and graphic artists, this new offering from Apple will be its strongest computer ever built, with a price tag to match: $4999. if you can make peace with that price tag, you'll be rewarded with a 5K display, a new AMD Radeon Veda Graphics Processor (top of the line) up to 18 (yes, 18) Xeon Core Processor, and pretty much the best of the best when it comes to computing power. And on top of that, it comes in Apple's famous "Space Grey" finish for a quality build, inside, and out. 

Images of the new iMac Pro


New iPad Pros

Since it's release last year, the iPad pro, has been a dividing line between those who say they need laptops to be productive, and others who crave the ease of use of the larger tablet. Apple now offers two new iPad Pros: A new 10.5 inch iPad Pro, and a refreshed version of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. 

Both of these offerings are meant to bridge the gap between laptop and simple tablet computing, offering robust multi-tasking abilities, while giving us the ability to use keyboards, smart pens, or even our fingers to interact with the hardware. They are some of the only tablets that offer a 120 HZ refresh rate, offering stunning video and visual quality. These monsters are priced that way, with the cheapest offering going for $649 (10.5 inch, 64GB storage, Wi-Fi only) and the most expensive going for  $1,229 (12.9 inch, 512 GB, Wi-Fi & Cellular) 

Apple's new iPad Pro offerings


Updates to MacOS, watchOS, and iOS11: Significant updates that affect all Mac Devices 

Apple is looking to push the proactivity line with their updates to all their core products: From the Mobile range of Apple Watches, to iPhones and iPads, to the New and improved iMac lines. Each of their products are getting huge refreshes with new core abilities that help to make owning that pricey Apple device worth it's while. 

Apple Watch is breaking through new lines, offering new fitness tools and readibility, in addition, offering real-time traffice updates to posted calendar appointments. 

iOS 11 is seeking to make all the Apple Mobile product lines more usable, and more likely for the consumer to purchase Laptop replacements instead of a laptop itself. More smart search, flexibility, and multi-tasking offerings are giving us reasons to make sure we update our gear as soon as we can. 

Finally, Mac's computer lines are seeing a push forward with MacOS High Sierra. This update, while not as significant as last year's update offers lots of new abilities that many will find useful, including Blocking of Autoplay videos when you visit a website, allowing you to control when and where you watch it, (especially great on news sites like that embrace HTML5 autoplay,) a new Email Box that takes up less space, streaming at 4K video resolutions very easily and more. MacOS High Sierra will be availble between 1-2 months from now to everyone. 

The reveal of MacOS High Sierra


WWDC 2017 - Great Updates, but one unresolved question

One More Thing"One More Thing"

Apple, since it's rise from the ashes in the early 2000s, has continually offered consumers amazing product lines, new programs, and new updates to it's now expansive computering empire. All of the things we saw at WWDC are all things that any Apple user needs to take note of, but all of this leaves one very large lingering question: Are we going to see anything ground-breaking in Apple's future again? 

In 2010, Apple used WWDC to launch iPhone 4, which at the time, was the most groundbreaking update to a product we had seen. Apple had somehow always given us products that we didn't know existed, but once we saw them, we wanted them in our lives. Since Steve Jobs' passing, many still wonder if Apple will ever wow us again with a new product that shakes up markets like the iPhone and the iPad did. All the updates at WWDC 2017 are amazing, and will offer benefits to those beholden to purchasing Apple products, but without the new ground breaking products of a mere 7 years ago, we have to wonder if that's all we'll get from Apple: updates. 

For now, Apple's throne on the edge of computing tech is still secure. It boasts a massive portfolio, being the world's largest information technology company, the 2nd largest mobile phone producer (after Samsung) and will probably retain it's throne for some time. It's hard to imagine that Apple, less than 20 years ago, was on the brink of collapse. It shows how quickly things can move in consumer technology.

More importantly, it shows us that while these 2017 updates are important, the rise of Apple in the last 20 years was due to it's ground-breaking products that changed the course of consumer technology. We can only hope that there is still some room for Apple to continue to wow us with a game-changing product, and bring us, as Steve Jobs would say: "One More Thing." 





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