October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Posted by Kent Osborne on

Don't be afraid. Be skeptical. No - really really skeptical. 90+% of reported security compromises start with an email phishing message.

As South Dakotans were accustomed to wanting to believe strangers, and wanting to help folks in general.  It's how we were raised.

Those two traits can get you into trouble in todays technology filled world.

The days of the Nigerian Prince requesting help are over. No longer can you spot a scam by the poor spelling and broken English.

The modern day cyber con man works to gain your trust, then drop payload on you.  Executives and purchasing agents are particularily under fire,  but no one is immune. 

There are steps you need to take today to limit your exposure.

** look at the ACTUAL email address
** if the message seems too good to be true - it is
** hover over links and see where they resolve
** The Microsoft Security Team is not going to call  you nor will they ask you to put in your user name and password

Other tips we passed along on the October 20th Techradio were to avoid open wifi networks of any kind and use a VPN.

Here is a link to the show and some handy resources: http://listen.sdpb.org/post/techradio-cyber-security-awaresness

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