vMVPDS are finally catching on

Posted by Kent Osborne on

It was announced this week that cable tv subscribers cut the cord to the tune of about 1 million customers in the 3rd quarter of 2017.  That marks a 17 year low for the industry.  

At the same time the 'virtual multichannel video programming distributor' (vMVPD) or 'skinny bunde' landscape is expanding with HULU news and the expansion of YouTube TV.  They join others in the field like Sling TV and DirectTV Now.  Many have price points settling around $35/mo. depending on the package.  

Figuring out if it makes sense for you to cut the cord can be difficult task depending on your viewing habits, and if the shows you want to watch are available in from other outlets. 

At times subscribing to multiple skinny bundles, combining apps and off-air recordings turns a relaxing night of watching tv into a chore of remembering what show is on what app.  Cable companies now bundle high speed internet packages with programming further tightening the cord cutting cost savings. 

The November 3rd edition of Techradio took a look at the popularity of skinny bundles and discussed the options.  The conversation happens at about the 40 minute mark



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