Results - 2016 Class A Debate & Individual Events 

Sweepstakes Champion: Spearfish

Class A - First Place, Spearfish3.jpg

Runner-up: Lennox
Class A - Second Place, Lennox.jpg 

Extemp Speaking - International: Juel Pluimer, Spearfish
Class A - International Extemp, Juel C Pluimer, Spearfish.jpg

  1. Juel Pluimer, Spearfish
  2. Kadon Leddy, Milbank
  3. August Meyer, Lennox
  4. Jacksyn Bakeberg, Spearfish
  5. Brady Jandl, Lennox
  6. Rebekah Tuchscherer, Milbank

Extemp Speaking - US: Connor Lightfield, Milbank  
Class A - US Extemp, Connor Lightfield, Milbank.jpg

  1. Connor Lightfield, Milbank
  2. John Steever, Lennox
  3. Bryan Waugh, Spearfish
  4. Nathan Waltjer, Lennox
  5. Keri Pappas, Groton Area
  6. Jacob Schlinkert, Spearfish 

Licoln-Douglas Debate: Milbank
Class A - Lincoln-Douglas, Milbank.jpg

Finals (Close Out)

Connor Lightfield, Milbank 
Rebekah Tuchscherer, Milbank


Jacob Schlinkert, Spearfish
Madison Marquardt, Lennox 


Original Oratory: Jacksyn Bakeberg, Spearfish
Class A - Original Oratory, Jacksyn Bakeberg, Spearfish.jpg

  1. Jacksyn Bakeberg, Spearfish
  2. Olivia Smith, Spearfish
  3. Anneliese Taggart, Vermillion
  4. Keri Pappas, Groton Area
  5. Katie Miller, Groton Area
  6. Sarah Logan, Lennox


Policy Debate: Lennox
Class A - Policy Debate, Lennox.jpg

  1. Brady Jandl, August Meyer, Lennox
  2. Steven Glasford, Jacksyn Bakeberg, Spearfish

Public Forum: Sioux Falls Christian  
Class A - Public Forum, Sioux Falls Christian.jpg

Finals (Close Out)

Elise Ackerman, Ross Ackerman, SF Christian
Vince Clapper, Lauren Lavin, SF Christian


John Steever, Ben Lund, Lennox
Juel Pluimer, Bryan Waugh, Spearfish 

Non-Advancing Quarter-Finalists:

Amber Buskness, Kevin Shan, Madison 
Gretchen Blain, Tessa Sleep, Spearfish
Katte Miller, Keri Pappas, Groton Area

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2015-16 Winter Academic Achievement Team Awards

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South Dakota's top high school speech and debate competitors are busy preparing for the SDHSAA Annual State Debate & Individual Events Tournament. The 2016 State Debate & Individual Events Tournament will be held at Aberdeen Central High School on Friday & Saturday March 4-5. Schools, based on their enrollment, are divided into Class "AA" and Class "A" for state tournament competition.

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