Public Forum Debate - Finals: Aberdeen Central vs. Harrisburg

Results - 2016 Class AA Debate & Individual Events 

Sweepstakes Champion: Watertown
Class AA - First Place, Watertown.jpg

Runner-up: Aberdeen Central
Class AA - Second Place, Aberdeen2.jpg

Extemp Speaking - International: Parker James, Yankton HS
Class AA - International Extemp, Parker James, Yankton.jpg

  1. Parker James, Yankton
  2. Jesse Thue, Brookings
  3. Zachary Shaw, O'Gorman
  4. Matt Cooke, Aberdeen Central
  5. Omar Elkhader, Aberdeen Central
  6. Emmett Simmons, Sioux Falls Washington

Extmp Speaking - US: Ryan Solberg, Mitchell
Class AA - US Extemp, Ryan Solberg, Mitchell.jpg

  1. Ryan Solberg, Mitchell
  2. Alexander King, O' Gorman
  3. Sam Mehlhaff, Aberdeen Central
  4. Michael Hauschildt, Sioux Falls Washington
  5. Abigayle Reese, Huron
  6. Dylan Stahly, Huron

Licoln-Douglas Debate: Parker James, Yankton
Class AA - Lincoln-Douglas, Parker James, Yankton.jpg

  1. Parker James, Yankton
  2. Sam Mehlhaff, Aberdeen Central


Anna Bartusis, Aberdeen Central
Abigayle Reese, Huron

Non-Advancing Quarter-Finalists:

Jackson Neal, Watertown
Dhwani Kharel, Brookings
Abigail Ann Ryan, RC Stevens
Becca Roy, Watertown


Original Oratory: Raina Grimsley, Mitchell
Class AA - Original Oratory, Raina Grimsley, Mitchell.jpg

  1. Raina Grimsley, Mitchell
  2. Katie Vassar, Aberdeen Central
  3. Cassidy Schoenhard, O'Gorman
  4. Shelby Kluver, Watertown
  5. Kathryn Hammer, O'Gorman
  6. Anna Bartusis, Aberdeen

Policy Debate: Watertown
Class AA - Policy Debate, Watertown.jpg

Finals (Close Out)

Zach Binde, Connor O'Brien, Watertown
Grant Carlson, Molly Walker, Watertown



Hamza Jamal, John Prosper, Aberdeen Central
Michael Hauschildt, Braeden Decker, SF Washington

Non-Advancing Quarter-Finalists:

Shikhar Kumar, Alex Cook, SF Roosevelt
Talitha Greaver, Robert Marlow, Yankton
Jesse Thue, Carissa Metzger, Brookings
Izzy Curry, Brett Schumacher, SD Washington

Public Forum: Aberdeen Central 
Class AA - Public Forum, Aberdeen Central.jpg

  1. Omar Elkhader, Brendan Muldoon, Aberdeen Central
  2. Lucas C Davis, Jordann C Krouse, Harrisburg


Alexander King, Samuel Diedrich, O'Gorman 
Brandon Maag, Michael Linngren, Watertown

Non-Advancing Quarter-Finalists:

Ryan Solberg, Raina Grimsley, Mitchell
Belma Husakovic, Briggs Warren, SF Roosevelt
Brett Ries, Shelby Kluver, Watertown
Dylan Stahly, Sean Preston, Huron

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All varsity fine arts groups and athletic teams that achieve a combined grade point average of 3.0 or higher are eligible to receive the SDHSAA Academic Achievement Team Award. For the 2017-18 winter season of athletics and fine arts, 658 teams were given awards.

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2015-16 Winter Academic Achievement Team Awards

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With the completion of all the SDHSAA winter fine arts and athletic activities, the SDHSAA announces that 579 teams have received the “Academic Achievement Team Awards” for the 2015-2016 Winter Season.

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South Dakota's top high school speech and debate competitors are busy preparing for the SDHSAA Annual State Debate & Individual Events Tournament. The 2016 State Debate & Individual Events Tournament will be held at Aberdeen Central High School on Friday & Saturday March 4-5. Schools, based on their enrollment, are divided into Class "AA" and Class "A" for state tournament competition.

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SDHSAA Names Brooks Bowman Assistant Executive Director

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Brooks Bowman of Kimball will be in charge of the Fine Arts activities for the South Dakota High School Activities Association.

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