About "Images of the Past"

images of the past logo image "Images of the Past" is a South Dakota Public Broadcasting project to make historical films, photos and other media available to a general audience. These mostly one-of-a-kind artifacts and their associated stories are being made available as online articles and occasionally, as TV programs on SDPB.

How to Use the "Images of the Past" Site

  • Stories are posted online as individual articles like this one. . Each article links to an historical South Dakota film, image, and/or video clip, and provides a brief story about the artifact and its subject matter. Articles are fully sharable via Facebook and other social media.
  • All articles are listed by date on this Web page . (Newer articles are at the top of the page.)
  • All video segments are archived and available at http://watch.sdpb.org/program/images-past/ .
  • A searchable database and lesson planning information for teachers can be found at SDPB's Digital Learning Library at http://pbsdll.k12.sd.us/ .

Most of the film, video, and photos seen in SDPB's "Images of the Past" productions are from the collection of Wayne Paanenen, owner of Historical Footprints in Lead, South Dakota. Paanenen's collection contains some of the earliest film shot in South Dakota, as well as more recently-created images from still pictures and video. All together, the collection represents one of the deepest archives of South Dakota historical media.