South Dakota is a state of innovation. And SDPB Radio will explore our advancements with a new program, Innovation.

SDPB Radio is producing the show because new technologies are being developed and advanced research is taking place right here in South Dakota. Says show host Cara Hetland: "We'll tell stories of individuals and organizations working to increase economic development in South Dakota." She says the show will look at res
earch, inventions, new businesses and technologies. In addition, the show will examine state policies, list events and offer tips on helping businesses succeed.

Innovation is broadcast from the South Dakota Technology Business Center's conference room in Sioux Falls.

Innovation Archive

innovation2.JPG07/12/2013 - Neutrino Day - Live from the SURF
08/24/2012 - Subhas Chauhan, Dongming Mei and Chris Chiller, and Brian Gramm
08/10/2012 - Fish and Climate, Raven Research and Unmanned Drones
07/27/2012 - Video Game Design, CETUP and Dr. Mark Larson
05/25/2012 - Accelerator Boot Camp
05/11/2012 - OatSweet, USA National Phenology Network and NASA Funding SDSMT
04/27/2012 - Dr. Julie Johnson, SD Hydrology Conference
04/13/2012 - Sam Kean, Cindy Costello, Teaching Techniques and Science
03/23/2012 - Identifying Mechanisms of Disease, Microbes at Wind Cave and a Social Media Marketing Degree
02/24/2012 - The new Sanford Heart Hospital
02/10/2012 - Giant Vision and SDTBC Accelerator, Launch 2012 and the Rickert Entrepreneurial Speaker Series, and Apollo for Soprano Saxophone
01/27/2012 - NSF Grant, Speech Recognition Software, Gall Flies and Sanford Intensive Air
01/06/2012 - NASA Internship, Travel Hacking Guide to Norway, and Mobile Journalism
12/16/2011 - Robot Submarine, SD FIRST Lego League, and CoRDS Registry
12/02/2011 - Cerebral Palsy, Wheat Breeding, and Donated Minerals at SDSM&T
11/18/2011 - Global Soap Project, National Weather Service, and Black Friday v. Cyber Monday
10/14/2011 - Bright Green Strategies, Landscape Project at Avera, and Solar Energy and Other New Technologies
09/30/2011 - Addressing Rural Health Needs, Personalized Healthcare, and Eye-Gaze Computer Technology
09/16/2011 - BioTechnology Summit, Tele-Story Booth and Adaptivation, and Difficult Weight Discussions with Your Kids
09/02/2011 - Applications and the Future of Journalism, and "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders"
08/19/2011 - Economic Development Along I-29, NASA Grant Research, and the Proof of Concept Process
07/22/2011 - Lakota Language Speaking Program, and Speeches at the Sanford Summer Lecture Series
07/08/2011 - Live From DUSEL
06/24/2011 - Rain Expectations, Affected Groundwater, Increased Flows, Wildlife Displacement, and $25 on the 25th
06/10/2011 - N2Tec Organizers and Entrepreneurs
05/20/2011 - Portable Science Lab, Research Lecture, and Environmental Research Projects
05/06/2011 - "Annoying," Biofuels Research and the World's Smallest Heart Pump
04/22/2011 - Water Purification, Findings Predating Clovis, and Severe Weather in SD
04/08/2011 - N2Tec, Giant Vision Business Competition, and the SD BIO Tech Research Expo
03/25/2011 - Flooding, Marketing and Catheter Procedures
03/11/2011 - CET-UP and Genome Research
02/25/2011 - Ranjit Koodali and Dr. Bill Harris
01/28/2011 - Innovation and the American Dream, Green Legislation, and Walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
01/14/2011 - Google and Geological Changes, Governor Daugaard's Innovation Priorities, SDSU Innovation Campus
12/17/2010 - Mike Rounds, Voice Banking, Ipad Photos
12/03/2010 - Technology High School and Human Obesity Vaccine
11/19/2010 - Approaching Cancer Patients, Vertical Advertising Company, Recruiting Female Scientists
11/05/2010 - Mine Medal, Rover Project, Vascular Disease
10/08/2010 - Sanford Research Center in Sioux Falls
09/10/2010 - Investments with Canada, a New Building at SDSU, and a Look at Science Cafe
08/20/2010 - Bandland Erosion and the Cure for Type One Diabetes
08/06/2010 - Architecture Program at SDSU, National Livestock Bio Conference, Record Setting Floods
07/23/2010 - Interviews from the Sanford Underground Lab
06/18/2010 - N2Tec Accelerator Boot Camp
06/04/2010 - Genetics Laboratory, I-29 Innovation Corridor
05/21/2010 - Summer Sports, Heat and Athletes, and Text Marketing
05/07/2010 - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Research of Dr. James Stone
04/23/2010 - Nano Engineering Research, Hill City Architecture Symposium and Wind Cave Lakes
04/09/2010 - Plain Green Founders and Keynote Speakers
03/26/2010 - Hearing Conservation and Eco-Friendly T-Shirts
02/26/2010 - Using Math in the Real World, National Entrepreneurship Week, Flood Predicting
02/12/2010 - Research on Omega 3, 80th Anniversary of the discovery of Pluto, Young innovators showcase
01/29/2010 - N2TEC and Launch '10 Conference
01/15/2010 - Internship Funds and a Moth That Could Harm the Future of the Ethanol Industry
12/18/2009 - Dark Matter, Entrepreneurship in South Dakota and The Lives of Stars
12/04/2009 - Today's topics include: adult stem cell research, the NASA Landsat Data Continuity Mission Project, and the Dignity 200 Wheel Chair.
11/20/2009 - Using Protein Nanoparticles, South Dakota Student Ventures Competition and Turning Waste Grease Into Biodiesel
11/06/2009 - Antimicrobial technology, School of Mines Medal Winner, Corn Mold
10/16/2009 - Scott Weishaar, John Warner
09/25/2009 - Antibiotics in Livestock Feed Mines Medal UNICEF HIV/AIDS
09/11/2009 - The Asfora Bullet Cage and the South Dakota Biotech Association
08/28/2009 - James Rice, Paul Turman, Gary Johnson
08/14/2009 - Dr. William Harris, Paul Johnson, Jon Kellar
07/24/2009 - Innovation

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