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About "Landscapes"

While South Dakota marks 125 years of statehood, SDPB is on a journey to rediscover our state's unique identity. From now through May of 2015, we’ll travel the state looking for and sharing South Dakota stories on SDPB TV, Radio, and via, where all of our "Landscapes" clips, features, and pictures will be archived online for anytime viewing and listening. Together, we celebrate all those things experienced only here in South Dakota.



SDPB's "Landscapes of South Dakota" project continues through May, 2015.

SDPB Radio: 
Once a week, June through December 2014 and April and May 2015, SDPB Radio staff will bring you special "Landscapes" feature stories from all over the state.

Dakota Midday – Karl Gehrke will take the show on the road for live-broadcasts in different parts of the state in July, September, and November 2014, and April 2015.

SDPB Television: 
Dakota Life – Watch for a special "Landscapes of South Dakota" feature segment in each show throughout the 2014-15 season. Look for a “Dakota Life” "Landscapes of South Dakota" 1-Hour special in March, 2015.

SDPB Online: 
SDPB will archive video, audio, text, and pictures, including images from “A Day in the Life of South Dakota,” a statewide photo event capturing life and scenery in the state on August 19th, 2014. (The best of the shots will appear in a special "Landscapes of South Dakota" calendar!)