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2014 Winners

Congratulations winners and all who entered the Landscapes of South Dakota Photography Contest.

People's Choice

Congratulations to Adam Freese of Mitchell who took 47% of the vote in our People's Choice contest.  View the winning photo "Badlands Rainbow Panorama" here.


1st Place - My Sunset Kayaker - Lisha Bairey, Chamberlain

This was taken at sunset on the Missouri River south of Chamberlain.  My daughter & I love to kayak - it's one of our favorite things to do together.  I chose home for this category because this is our home away from home.


2nd Place - Home Away From Home – Zack Hagen - Aberdeen

I am an avid duck hunter and a duck slough feels more like home to me than anything else making this my "Home Away From Home"


3rd Place –  Open House - LaTonya Johnson – Custer

Hospitality if paramount to being a true South Dakotan!  We know how to make a feast out of humble means, welcome people to our community, take care of the sick...Home extends far beyond just those that live there!


1st Place - Look up when you work! – Keith Hemmelman - Pierre

In Pierre, the State Capitol building is not only a beautiful piece of architecture, it is also a place where a lot of work gets done for the benefit of South Dakota's citizens.  If you are ever in the Capitol building, "look up" when you are there and see the beauty overhead that keeps watch over all that work getting done.  In this photo, you will notice that the stained glass panels are not installed in the rotunda.  This is because they are being repaired & cleaned and will be reinstalled prior to the 125th anniversary of SD becoming a state.


2nd Place – Spreading the Word! - Erica Harvey, Rapid City

This picture of John Halverson was taken at 6:00 a.m. this morning from Skyline Drive in Rapid City. John is a founding member of The Black Hills Raptor Center and he is holding Elise, one of the "Founding Feathers."


3rd Place – Where the Corn Grows – Kendra Perry-Koski, Winner

South Dakota farmers work hard to contribute to the ever growing need for corn.


1st Place – Prairie Connections - Keith Hemmelman – Pierre

South Dakota has had many churches scattered around the state throughout the state's history.  One such church is the Oahe Chapel that now overlooks the Oahe Dam.  This church originally was located near the Peoria flats and served not only as a church where families could connect with each other, but also as a school.  This church is small and simple, but the interior is beautiful to see.


2nd Place – Morning Coffee and Donuts at Weimer's - Linda Chaplin - Sturgis

Weimer's Bakery has been in business on Main Street in Sturgis for over 65 years. Jan Weimer is the present owner, but her parents began the business. Folks who make the trip to Weimer's Bakery are rewarded with great coffee, delicious homemade rolls and donuts, and the chance to connect with friends.


3rdBirds of a Feather – Erica Harvey, Rapid City

The are two connections in this image. The first connection comes from Dinosaur Park. I would be willing to bet almost anyone who calls South Dakota home will have some childhood member of this CC Corp built park. This park is an icon that connects the hearts of our communities. The second, and more scientific, connection comes from the fact Elise is a the red-tailed hawk, a bird. She is a descendant of dinosaurs, though not the concrete kind she is sitting on.

South Dakota

1st Place – Starry Night - Christian Begeman, Sioux Falls

A clear night sky with the milky way, a prairie windmill and a shooting star.  It doesn't get a much more South Dakota than that!  Taken west of Watertown in the Long Lake area.


2nd Place – Piedmont, SD – Henry Kraft, Beachwood, OH

Phoenix rising - Proud stallion replacing one lost in the October 2013 storm.


3rd Place – Badlands Rainbow Panorama - Adam Freese – Mitchell

After visiting family in the black hills, I took the day to return home to Mitchell  photographing the beauty of South Dakota along the way - through the Black Hills, The Badlands, and finally my home in Mitchell. This photo is of the beautiful rainbow of colors in a badlands panorama.