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2017 Class AA Oral Interpretation Awards

Full size photos are available for download on SDPB's Flickr Page.

(** Superior Award with Distinction)

Team Excellence

award photo

Front, L-R: Roger McCafferty, Lucy Wang - Aberdeen Central; Gina Koehn, Leslie Drew - Brandon Valley; Carrie Oorlog, Alyssa Laufmann; Brookings;

Back, L-R: Ashley Boone, Pierre T.F. Riggs; Kit Rodgers - SF Lincoln; Teresa Fester, SF O'Gorman; Michelle McIntyre, Justin Tleyd - SF Washington; Michael Jacobsen, Watertown.


Duet Interpretation

award photo

L-R, Front-Back: Miles Cowan & Sophia Salter, Sioux Falls O'Gorman; Rachel Regalado & Lily Palo, Brookings; Kayden Hoeke** & Cal Shaykett**, Brandon Valley; Isabella Morin & Mia Becic, Sioux Falls Roosevelt; Hailey Browning & Hannah Browning, Aberdeen Central; Gage Gramlick & Ramsey Folkerts, Sioux Falls Lincoln; Cailie Bruxvoort & Nancy Flaherty, Watertown; Blake Anderson** & Maddy Morgan**, Sioux Falls Washington; Sarah Hancock & Judah McKinley, Pierre T.F. Riggs


Poetry Reading

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Front, L-R: Rachel Holien, Watertown; Phoebe Wallace, Sioux Falls Washington; Margaret Meierhenry, Sioux Falls Lincoln; Cecilia Gillen, Sioux Falls O'Gorman;

Back, L-R: Jasmine Snow, Huron; Keanna Thesenvitz, Brandon Valley; Jayde Gauer, Aberdeen Central; Jodi Barden, Sturgis Brown 


Humorous Reading

award photo

Front, L-R: Ricky Clark, Sturgis Brown; Noah Stoebner**, Sioux Falls Lincoln; Neythan Ortiz, Mitchell; Mia Becic, Sioux Falls Roosevelt; Briggs Tople**, Aberdeen Central

Back: Maccrae Walraven, Watertown; Claire Mohr**, Pierre T.F. Riggs; MacKenzie Gundvaldson, Brandon Valley; Maddy Morgan, Sioux Falls Washington



award photo

Front, L-R: Tatiana Chance, SF Washington; Judah McKinley, Pierre T.F. Riggs; Maccrae Walraven**, Watertown;  David Berman, Sioux Falls O'Gorman.

Back: Carlie Hartle, Sioux Falls Lincoln; Angela Lansang**, Brookings; Brigss Tople, Aberdeen Central.


Readers Theater

award photo


Front to back, L-R:
Sioux Falls O'Gorman -- "Branch Out"
Caryn Piatt, Marvin Moser, Channing Bentz, Elizabeth Lubeck, Zoe Matheson, Emily Kassing

Watertown -- "Star Wars: A Complete Abridged Synopsis in 9 and a Half Parts"
Braeden Kluver, Parker Rieffenberger, Kaden Small, Nancy Flaherty

Sioux Falls Washington -- "(Fake) News at Eleven"
Jane Walsh, Blake Anderson, Tatiana Chance, Lainee Mentzer, Ashley Sanchez, Martin Kloster

Pierre T.F. Riggs -- "The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse"
Judah McKinley, Sarah Hancock, Claire Mohr, Eli Houdyshell, Hannah Gates

Brandon Valley -- "Speak Up"
Keanna Thesenvitz, Kelsey Frost, Kayden Hoeke, MacKenzie Gundvaldson, Cal Shaykett

Brookings -- "We Are Antigone"
Rachel Smart, Rachel Regalado, Elizabeth Regalaso, Angela Lansang, Lily Palo

Sioux Falls Lincoln -- "Red, White, and Blue"
Ramsey Folkerts, Carlie Hartle, Tim Stolp, Serena Yim


Serious Reading

award photo

Front Row, L-R: Abuor Ajith**, Sioux Falls Roosevelt; Isabelle Thorson**, Watertown; Jayde Gauer, Aberdeen Central; Kailey Bechtold, Harrisburg;

Back Row, L-R: Kayden Hoeke, Brandon Valley; Nick Maxwell**, Sioux Falls O'Gorman; Rachel Smart, Brookings; Reanna Rohrer, Sioux Falls Washington.


Non-Original Oratory

award photo

Front, L-R: Tim Stolp, SF Lincoln; Madeline VanVoorst, Harrisburg; Kelsey Frost, Brandon Valley; Brendon Schulte, Watertown; 
Back, L-R: Anya Olson, Brookings; Ashley Sanchez, SF Washington; Hayat Sumael, SF O'Gorman; Sammantha Wood, Sturgis Brown.