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2018 Class AA Oral Interpretation Awards

Full size photos are available for download on SDPB's Flickr page.

(** Superior Award with Distinction)

Team Awards
2018 Oral Interp Class AA Team Award
Team Award Winners: Brandon Valley, Brookings, Sioux Falls Lincoln, Sioux Falls Roosevelt, Sioux Falls Washington, Watertown 

Duet Interpretation
2018 Class AA Duet Interpretation L-R: Aberdeen Central - Hannah Browning, Hailey Browning; Watertown - Marqus McDonnell, Adrianna Boettcher; Brookings - Mariyom Deng, Destiny Okpa; Sioux Falls Lincoln - Sophia Boyd, Serena Yim; Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Mia Becic, Lidia Fekadu; Sioux Falls Washington - Maddy Morgan, Reanna Rohrer; Sturgis Brown - Jodi Barden, Levi O'Dell; Brandon Valley - Kayden Hoeke, Cal Shaykett

Poetry Reading
2018 Class AA Poetry Reading L-R: Sturgis Brown - Hunter Hegdahl, Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Abiei Athui, Brandon Valley - Cal Shaykett, Huron - Jasmine Snow, Sioux Falls Washington - Reanna Rohrer

Readers Theater
2018 Oral Interp Class AA Readers Theatre Front to back, L-R: Brookings - Mariyom Deng, Anya Olson, Angela Lansang, Unpolitically Star Goodwill, Isla Roy; Watertown - Parker Rieffenberger, Braeden Kluver, Kaden Small, Nancy Flaherty; Brandon Valley - Kayden Hoeke, MacKenzie Gundvaldson, Cal Shaykett, Hannah Frost, Grace Lamberty; **Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Mia Becic, Abuor Ajith, Lidia Fekadu, Sonia Agasaro

Serious Reading
2018 Oral Interp Class AA Serious Reading Front Row, L-R: Pierre T.F. Riggs - Kayla Peplinksi, Brookings - Mariyom Deng, Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Abuor Ajith, Sioux Falls Washington - Blake Anderson, Brandon Valley - Kayden Hoeke, **Watertown - Isabelle Thorson 

Non-Original Oratory
2018 Oral Interp Class AA Non-Original Oratory Front, L-R: Pierre T.F. Riggs - Sarah Hancock, Huron - Reese Uecker, Sioux Falls Lincoln - Heidi Anderson, Sioux Falls Washington - Rahele Megosha

Humorous Reading
2018 Oral Interp Class AA Humorous Front, L-R: Huron - Nathaniel Lyon, Rapid City Stevens - Maycee Wieczorek, Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Mia Becic, Sioux Falls Washington - Maddy Morgan, **Brandon Valley - Izzy Stone; **Sioux Falls Lincoln - Noah Stoebner 

2018 Oral Interp Class AA Storytelling L-R: Pierre T.F. Riggs - Levi McKinley, Brookings - Angela Lansang, Brandon Valley - Izzy Stone, Watertown - Nancy Flaherty, Sioux Falls Lincoln - Carlie Hartle, Sioux Falls Roosevelt - Abuor Ajith, **Sioux Falls Washington - Blake Anderson