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2011 House Local Government - Audio Archive
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5th Legislative Day (1/18/2011)
Complete Meeting

10th Legislative Day (1/25/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1050 - revise the voting requirements for the county board of adjustment.
Starts at 1:22

HB 1044 - revise certain water project district voter eligibility provisions.
Starts at 26:38

HB 1051 - provide deadlines for the transmission of voter registration files.
Starts at 41:30

12th Legislative Day (1/27/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1057 - repeal the provision that requires the county auditor to assist in locating unregistered mobile homes.
Starts at 0:02:32

HB 1092 - revise the time frame for conducting hearings to vacate municipal streets or alleys.
Starts at 0:07:38

HB 1099 - revise certain provisions regarding local historic preservation projects.
Starts at 0:19:29

HB 1071 - revise certain provisions relating to the salaries and per diem of county commissioners.
Starts at 0:31:13

14th Legislative Day (2/1/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1078 - allow municipalities, counties, and school districts to post certain information on the internet in addition to or in lieu of certain publication requirements.
Starts at 0:03:00

HB 1096 - repeal certain provisions relating to the appointment of municipal officers.
Starts at 1:04:40

16th Legislative Day (2/3/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1114 - revise the conditions under which contracts with local officials are permitted.
Starts at 00:02:27

HB 1118 - revise certain provisions concerning the extraterritorial jurisdiction of municipalities.
Starts at 00:15:56

HB 1136 - extend the current fee charged for annual report filings for one year.
Starts at 00:19:17

HB 1160 - regulate certain automatic periodic financial transfers for the purpose of funding political contributions.
Starts at 00:20:21

HB 1176 - prohibit county commissioners from providing health insurance for themselves or other part-time county employees.
Starts at 00:21:25

18th Legislative Day (2/8/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1109 - revise certain provisions concerning the township road system.
Starts at 0:02:58

HB 1168 - revise certain provisions regarding the public records open to inspection and copying.
Starts at 0:04:30

HB 1193 - clarify certain statutes prohibiting political subdivisions from restricting firearms.
Starts at 0:23:43

HB 1212 - revise certain provisions regarding the county wheel tax.
Starts at 1:20:05

HB 1160 - regulate certain automatic periodic financial transfers for the purpose of funding political contributions.
Starts at 1:46:04

20th Legislative Day (2/10/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1201 - revise auditing requirements for water development districts.
Starts at 0:03:04

HB 1117 - permit public bodies to keep minutes of executive session and restrict who may review the minutes.
Starts at 0:10:58

HB 1053 - repeal the requirement to provide notice to abutting counties when changing the county plan or ordinances.
Starts at 0:13:09

HB 1160 - regulate certain automatic periodic financial transfers for the purpose of funding political contributions.
Starts at 0:31:34

HB 1169 - provide for the enlargement of special zoning areas, to revise certain provisions regarding special zoning areas, and to provide for the appointment of special zoning area commissions.
Starts at 0:54:52

HB 1197 - require the party affiliations of candidates for municipal and school elections to be printed on the ballot.
Starts at 1:17:13

22nd Legislative Day (2/15/2011)
Complete Meeting
HB 1104 - revise the deadline for withdrawing from a primary election.
Starts at 0:02:23

HB 1158 - revise the filing deadlines for the nomination of certain independent candidates.
Starts at 0:08:59

HB 1179 - permit local political subdivisions with volunteer advanced life support personnel to establish deferred compensation plans.
Starts at 0:10:45

HB 1252 - grant certain authority to municipalities and counties regarding outdoor advertising structures.
Starts at 0:23:14

24th Legislative Day (2/17/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 75 - revise the requirements for the annual conference held for the directors of equalization.
Starts at 1:14

SB 62 - revise procedures and amounts relating to compensation and expense reimbursement for sanitary district board members.
Starts at 15:59

HB 1136 - extend the current fee charged for annual report filings for one year.
Starts at 28:00

SB 61 - authorize board members of sanitary districts to contract with the districts in limited cases.
Starts at 5:08

25th Legislative Day (2/22/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 59 - revise certain provisions clarifying that counties are not responsible for constructing, repairing, and maintaining roads contained in improvement districts.
Starts at 0:03:38

SB 66 - revise certain provisions regarding land leased by counties.
Starts at 0:10:29

SB 95 - provide for the printing of voting rights notices.
Starts at 0:25:30

SB 96 - revise the fee schedule for certain documents filed with the county register of deeds.
Starts at 0:32:05

SB 108 - allow for the appointment of an alternate board member for the county legal expense relief board.
Starts at 1:25:40

SB 112 - repeal the provision that requires county treasurers to collect the oldest delinquent property tax first.
Starts at 1:30:57

SB 129 - revise which county employees may assist in the execution of United States passport applications and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 1:35:42

27th Legislative Day (2/24/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 113 - revise certain provisions regarding the notice requirements for changes in zoning requested by landowners.
Starts at 1:06:02

SB 120 - revise the amount of compensation that water user district directors may receive.
Starts at 1:12:02

SB 130 - provide a procedure for the Secretary of State to conduct certain local elections when an emergency exists.
Starts at 1:22:45

SB 68 - authorize investment of public funds in bonds issued by or direct obligations of certain political subdivisions or bonding authorities of the state.
Starts at 13:10

SB 67 - reduce the minimum size for improvement districts.
Starts at 3:50

SB 69 - revise certain provisions relating to county veterans memorials.
Starts at 38:22

SB 89 - clarify a municipality's ability to assess a fee for street maintenance.
Starts at 47:30

SB 98 - revise certain provisions concerning the employment of a city manager and to declare an emergency.
Starts at 59:10

30th Legislative Day (3/1/2011)
Complete Meeting
SB 71 - prohibit the use of certain handheld electronic wireless devices for electronic messaging while driving.
Starts at 00:02:43

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